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Hello & Welcome to the very first Episode of Voice of Biotecnika – A Weekly Podcast which is being on launched on the 12th Birthday of Biotecnika.

Yes, you heard it right!

It is our 12th Birthday

and that means 12 Years ago on this date We decided to start Biotecnika and the Name Biotecnika was coined.

Incidentally, Today is the birthday of the Big B of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan also

Truly said he is the Big B of Bollywood and we are the Big B of Biotech. Jokes apart

And we are going to give a gift to all our subscribers today: THE VOICE of BioTecNika

A weekly Podcast which will be broadcasted every Wednesday to you via our Website, Soundcloud & Our Youtube Channel

In this series of Podcast, we will be inviting experts and Policy Makers who are helping shape the destiny of BioSciences

A lot has been said and done about Biotecnika in the past and thus today in this very first episode I am going to talk about something which is forward-looking and makes us all FUTURE PROOF

You See

Life is just like a bicycle, To keep a balance we must keep moving forward and that means if today on Biotecnika’s 12th birthday I keep talking of our achievement then it will contradict our mission & vision. Our Mission is to Promote Biosciences & our Vision is to be the world’s number one Biosciences Portal.

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Well we did what we did and now today lets talk about the future of Biosciences, How does it look?

I am sure the critics will say its grim and those in favor will say its bright. So let’s not get into that debate

Let us talk about 2 technologies which are going to shape the very future of not just Biosciences but also the mankind

Any guesses?

Yeah yeah

You guessed it right!

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & CRISPR-CAS9

So let us talk about the 1st one today

AIML or Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning is an upcoming field and when you combine Biotech & Health tech into this, it’s a jabardast combination

Why do I say that?

You this world is full of combinations

Each time someone innovates a new combination, he becomes successful

When a tire is combined with a prototype of a car, it actually becomes a car.

When you combined the power of the Internet with your intelligence it becomes Biotecnika

So in short here is an opportunity for all of us to think in the direction of Artificial Intelligence in Biopharma

You see a drug molecule is nothing but the right combination of atoms which has got a binding site to bind to the site of action

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We have been living in an era where it takes 20 years of R&D to develop one molecule which will be used as a universally acceptable drug

All that is going to change with AIML

Do you remember when your grandfather used to say how slow the trains moved in the 19th century? Today’s R&D is same as an old steam engine and AIML is that electric engine which is going to pull the entire generation of Scientists into an era where molecules will be discovered every day and drugs will be rolled out in the market every weekend.

Okay okay

You don’t believe me?

So lets do this experiment

Close your eyes and listen carefully to what I say

Recall 1990’s decade and if I and you were there then, and what if I told you one-day self-driving cars will be a possibility. You will say I am insane.

Isn’t it?

No, I am not insane, I am forward looking & optimistic about your Biotech Future. So trust me when I say AIML is the next big thing in Biotech & Pharma industry

We are so positive & confident about this technology that we decided to conduct our first ever virtual conference on Artificial intelligence in Biotech & Healthcare technology which is scheduled for 1st week of December 2018

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Now lets come to CRISPR

Off late you must have seen or heard a lot of news about CRISPR and how it has the potential to change the way we treat diseases.

So when we work more on CRISPR Cas9 technology, it’s going to open up newer doors of opportunity &  innovation to all of us.

CRISPR is one such technology discovered by our steam engine speed R&D which not just aims to alleviate the suffering of mankind but also make it better.

But these 2 technologies are going to favor you only when you have a prepared mind.

The doors of opportunities won’t open to you unless you are ready for it.

So here are the steps I am going to outline in this very first episode to help you develop a scientific mindset:

Step 1: Think

Step 2: Research on the topic, Join some courses, attend some conferences, do some networking related to these 2 technologies

Step 3: Execute your plan with the resources what you have learned in step 2

Future of Mankind is in your hands

Comment with your thoughts below and let us know what you think about it

And yes A very Happy Birthday to all of Us and a Special thank you to all of you without whom Biotecnika was never possible

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