The Mystery of Bermuda Triangle finally Resolved
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The Mystery of Bermuda Triangle finally Resolved

Hello to all our listeners!…today we are going to explore a lot of untold stories or myths or mysteries whatever you say regarding the most talked about-‘Bermuda triangle’. But apart from that, the most exciting thing which you are going to listen is—– The Mystery of Bermuda Triangle finally Resolved!

Listen to the podcast below to know more about the Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

Today's Voice of Biotecnika is
This podcast has been contributed by Priyanjana Ghosh, Senior Professor at Biotecnika with specialization in Plant Biotechnology. She has been an ardent follower of trends in Biology. She has immense knowledge and interest in Life Sciences. Today she reveals one of most secretive mysteries of the world: The Bermuda Triangle. We thank her for her valuable inputs. More such discussions will be published in future on Biotecnika by her.
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