Order Saliva DNA Collection Preservation & Isolation Kit Online

Order Saliva DNA Collection Preservation & Isolation Kit Online

Looking for DNA isolation kit from Saliva or Saliva DNA collection kit for your research at a low price. We can help you with good quality & affordable Saliva DNA Collection Preservation & Isolation Kit. Saliva contains DNA cells in our mouth. A saliva DNA collection kit is being widely used for diagnostic & research purposes. It is a non – invasive method of collection of DNA from the saliva in our mouth. Most of the kits available in the market allow you user-friendly extraction & preservation of Saliva DNA at ambient temperature conditions as per requirements.

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Isohelix is a United Kingdom-based company dealing in DNA Sampling & purification. Isohelix Provides:

  • GeneFiX™ Saliva DNA Collection Kit

GeneFiX™: GeneFiX™ is a collection device that stabilizes the latest 1ml saliva sample options and DNA long term in 2ml. The collector is pre-filled and has a funnel for spit delivery directly into the stabilization buffer. The saliva collection tube clearly suggests the volume of saliva required after which the funnel is removed and cap replaced. Tube alternatives are available for both manual and Automated or HT Rackable formats. The unique funnel design

prevents flow back and can also be used with our new assisted option using foam swabs, and the device is fully specified for storage and sample transport.

Features of GeneFiX™:

  • Economic, Simple to use integrated DNA stabilization buffer
  • Unique funnel design prevents spillages or buffers flow back
  • DNA stabilized at room temperature for at least 60+ months*
  • DNA yields maintained for 60+ months* at room temperature
  • Complete DNA yields exceeding 180 ng/µl**
  • Compatible with most Manual and HT Isolation kits (Requires Proteinase K)
  • 1D and 2D printed codes with auto de-capping capability
  • Fully tested on most downstream processing techniques
  • Acceptable for a field, home use, and clinic-based sampling
  • Collection tube specified to 95kPa for leak-proof mailing


2. Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation

DNA SAL™ Saliva DNA Collection Kit – DNASAL™ is a revolutionary DNA collection kit used for the collection of DNA. The system abrades cells and saliva in the mouth by means of a set of serrated edges causing the accumulation of a combination of oral fluids (saliva) and cells which are trapped in a range of voids on the plastic body of their DNASAL™ apparatus. The DNASAL™ is taken out of the mouth and held while a small quantity of a secure rinse solution is removed,” swished” around in the mouth for a few seconds, then moved by spitting into the first sample tube. The DNA SAL ™ tool’s set head is detached in the transfer tube containing the sample and rinse solution from the handle.

3. Genotek:

Genotek provides Oragene™ which is also known as DNA self-collection kit.

The Oragene™ DNA Self-Collection Kit is a collection method that is completely non-invasive. Since saliva samples are stable at room temperature for months, there’s absolutely no need to quickly send samples to the lab to purify the DNA. The Oragene™ kit may be used by research subjects, including elderly and young individuals. Donors have to collect 2 ml of saliva using the Oragene™ DNA Self-Collection Kit. The Oragene™ vial is capped and mixed by inversion, allowing the DNA stabilized and to be discharged.

Features of Oragene™ DNA Self-Collection Kit:

  • Improve donor care and compliance with painless, Noninvasive sample collection
  • Eliminate phlebotomy costs
  • Ideal for use with children or patients that will not comply with blood collections
  • Increase efficiency, minimize sample handling and reduce handling Mistakes with a compatible format for high-throughput processing
  • The sample remains stable for years at room temperature, reducing Storage and Transportation Prices
  • The sample can be mailed using the standard postal system
  • DNA from saliva is Equal to DNA from blood for downstream applications

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