Mitra Biotech Inks Pact For Advanced Personalized Immuno-oncology
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Mitra Biotech Inks Pact For Advanced Personalized Immuno-oncology

In an initiative to take personalized immuno-oncology medicine development to a next level, Mitra Biotech today announced a collaborative research partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Department of Neuro Surgery. As per the agreement between Dr. Sean Lawler, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Managing Director of the Harvey Cushing Neuro-oncology Laboratories at the Brigham, will be able to assess oncolytic viruses that have been developed from the Department of Neurosurgery at the hospital.

These novel engineered variants of the herpes virus 1 (HSV 1 ), which have been extensively characterized preclinically, are effective at discerning infection and replication within cells, also can excite the immune system.

Clinical Trials are in progress at Brigham to discover how oncolytic viruses works exactly in glioblastoma multiforme GBM patients, a disease which is incurable currently. For this, they are using Mitra’s CANscript platform to study their biological mechanisms of action, with the goal of pinpointing key features involved in response to oncolytic virus therapy.

As per Dr. Lawler, Brigham, there is an extreme scarcity of effective & reliable procedures to study the course of action of oncolytic viruses in Lab involving human activity. He further adds to his statement saying,”CANscript lets us possess the insight to what type of patients produce a response. For the first time, we may have the ability to predict how these oncolytic viruses may possibly workin actual human patients, which helps us better determine trial populations.”

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Mitra’s CANscript stage is an individual, immune-relevant ex vivo model which permits researchers and drug developers to know the operation of novel molecules, such as oncolytic viruses, even in human tissue. CANscript is an uniquely powerful platform to test this kind of immune response as it divides the from vivo tumor microenvironment, keeping the heterogeneity of the tumor while maintaining its immune compartment.

“We’re excited to be positioned at the forefront of Immuno Oncology with someone such as Brigham and Women’s Hospital. We believe this unique partnership will let us study how a virus behaves at the individual patient level, and therefore help us predict that patients might benefit from therapy,” said Aaron Goldman, PhD and Director of R&D and also Immuno Oncology in Mitra biotech.

Source: Mitra Biotech

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