Australian Government Endeavour Leadership Program 2019
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Australian Government Endeavour Leadership Program 2019

The notification for the Australian Government Endeavour Leadership Program 2019 has been announced. Interested candidates can check out all of the details on the eligibility, funding, criteria, application procedure, documents required and online application links and more below:

This call expires in :

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All these Program Guidelines contain information for applicants for Endeavour Leadership Program (ELP) financing. The Australian Government Department of Education and Training (the Department) is in charge of overseeing the Program. You have to read these guidelines before completing an application.

All these Program Guidelines provide Information Regarding the 2019 round of the ELP. This document sets out:

  • the purpose and aims of the Program
  • the qualification and evaluation criteria
  • how applications for ELP funds are considered and selected
  • how applications will be monitored and evaluated
  • responsibilities and expectations in relation to the Program.

The Program Guidelines must be read along with this Applicant Guide on the Department’s site at

We’ll update and publish those Program Guidelines every year, taking into consideration government priorities applicable to the around, which is reflected in any updates to assessment standards. A list of those country priorities applicable to 2019 around is summarized in Appendix A. The definition of important terms used in such Program Guidelines is at Appendix B.

Applicants must read these Program Guidelines carefully before filing an application.

About the Endeavour Leadership Program:

The ELP is the Australian Government’s two-way mobility program for brief and long-term study, research and professional development with Australia’s priority partner countries. The ELP supports Australia’s first National Strategy for International Education 2025 (the Strategy).  The Strategy lays out a 10-year plan for developing Australia as an international pioneer in education, research and training, through making behavioural partnerships (Pillar 2 of this Strategy), and expanding student, education and training professional and research mobility (Action 6.2 of this Strategy).

The ELP provides opportunities for emerging and established leaders to tackle a worldwide mobility experience inside their study, research or professional field.

Endeavour Leaders will have the chance to build enduring international networks, strengthen research and education involvement between Australia and priority countries, and improve Australia’s commercial success and financial prosperity.

The ELP was declared as a member of this 2018-19 Budget and will run from 2019. This is a continuous program and application rounds will be held yearly.

The goals of this ELP will be to:

  • improve Australia’s reputation for excellence in international education via the continuing internationalisation of their education, research and training sectors
  • contribute to the implementation of Government policy priorities, by increasing global research and education participation between Australia and priority nations in key areas of education, research and innovation
  • offer high-achieving individuals from Australia and overseas the chance to develop their own understanding and experience and build institution-to-institution connections
  • create another generation of global education and study leaders across a huge array of professional fields.
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The intended outcomes of the ELP are:

  • growth in the number of durable, high-value institutional and human connections as a consequence of ELP-funded education, training, research and professional activities
  • an increase in the number of top quality research outcomes (such as commercialisation and joint publications) leading to ELP funding
  • employability of Endeavour Leaders and consequent contribution to the Australian economy.

The ELP will be undertaken in accordance with the Commonwealth’s Grants Rules and Guidelines (CGRGs) accessible at

ELP Amount and Period:

ELP funding

The Australian Government has announced a total of $118.9 million over four years for the ELP. Under the 2019 round, approximately $27 million in funding is available to support two-way mobility Leadership Activities. It will support short and long term study, training, research and professional development across a range of sub-categories under the

Endeavour Leadership Program, including:

 Australia-ASEAN Leadership category
 Australia-APEC Leadership category
 Australia-Latin America Leadership category
 Asia-Pacific Leadership category
 Global Leadership category

The method for applying for one of these awards is set out in Section 8 of these Guidelines, and in the Applicant Guide for the ELP – Individual Endeavour Leaders and the Applicant Guide for the ELP – Applicant Institutions.

There are two funding opportunities with differing financial benefits – one for Recipient Institutions and one for Individual Endeavour Leaders. The number of opportunities in 2019 will depend on the number of available funds as well as the number of highly suitable applications received.

Funding for the 2019 round will be as follows:

Recipient Institutions

 The minimum grant amount is $2500 per student.
 The maximum grant amount is $5000 per student.

The total Leadership Activity amount will depend on the duration of the Leadership Activity and the number of participating Students.

Eligibility Criteria:

We can’t consider your application if you don’t satisfy all of the eligibility criteria.

Who is qualified to apply for ELP financing?

to qualify for financing, you need to:

  • apply as an Individual Endeavour Leader (see Section 4.1.1) or Applicant Institution (see Section 4.1.2)
  • submit your application by the final date, answer all of the required questions and attach all documents as specified in the application form (summarized in the Applicant Guide for your ELP — Personal Endeavour Leaders and the Applicant Guide for your ELP — Applicant Institutions).
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Applicant Institutions can submit a maximum of 20 applications per round for every category for which they are eligible (a max of 10 applications for the short-term category; along with a max of 10 long-term applications, total, for both the student exchange and the Cheung Kong categories).

Individual applicants

To participate in the ELP, individual applicants must:

 not be undertaking their Leadership Activity in a country where they hold citizenship/dual
citizenship or permanent residency
– Australian Individual Endeavour Leaders must not undertake their Leadership Activity in a
country where they hold citizenship/dual citizenship or permanent residency
– International Individual Endeavour Leaders must undertake their activity in Australia and not hold citizenship/dual citizenship or be a permanent resident of Australia.
 be aged 18 years or over at the commencement of their Leadership Activity
 not be in receipt of any other Australian Government sponsored mobility, scholarship or fellowship benefits
 for Postgraduate or VET Leadership Activities, be undertaking an award course under the
Australian Qualifications Framework at an Australian (Home or Host) organisation. The organisation must be either an approved Higher Education Provider (HEP) or a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
– these Endeavour Leaders may not undertake their study at an Australian university campus or Australian organisation offshore.

How to apply

Prior to applying, you have to read and comprehend the following Program Guidelines, the application form, the FAQs, the appropriate Applicant Guide as well as also the draft Award Agreement/Leadership Activity Schedule.

These documents may be found at GrantConnect at Any alterations and addenda1 are going to be published on GrantConnect and by registering on this site, you’ll be automatically notified on any modifications. GrantConnect is your authoritative source for grants info.

To apply you must:

 complete the online application form through EOL (for individual applicants) or even ISEO (for applicant institutions) by the final date (Section 7.2).
  Provide all of the information requested
 address most of eligibility criteria and assessment criteria
 comprise all required attachments.

You’re responsible for making sure that your application is both accurate and complete. Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence under the Criminal Code 1995 and we’ll investigate any untrue or misleading data and might exclude your application from further consideration.

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If you locate an error on your application after submitting it, then you need to contact the Support Services Organisation instantly via [email protected].

We may request clarification or additional information from you which doesn’t change the substance of an application in response to an omission or mistake. But, we’re not bound to take any extra information, or requests to alter submission, after the application closing time.

Applicants should maintain a copy of your application and any supporting papers.

Attachments to the application

You should be aware that supporting documentation for applications will be required to support eligibility and/or the merits of your application.

If you require further assistance with the application process or submitting your application online, contact the Support Services Organisation at [email protected].

Applications – Individual Endeavour Leaders:

For Individual Endeavour Leaders, both Australian and International Applicants, the following documents may be included with your application:

 Passport or Birth Certificate
 Academic transcript
 Formal admission to an Australian institution for 2019
 Enrolment letter (research towards Masters or PhD only)
 PhD conferment (postdoctoral research only)
 TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, PTE or Transcript
 Employment record/cv/resume
 Referee reports x 2
 Host Nomination

Please note, not all of these documents will be required for all applications.

You must attach supporting documentation to the application form in line with the instructions provided within the form. You should only attach requested documents. We will not consider information in attachments that we do not request.

See the ELP Applicant Guide – Individual Endeavour Leaders for more details.

Applicants should read the following documentation before commencing an application.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their application and supporting documentation is submitted by the closing date.

Late applications (including supporting documentation) will not be accepted.


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