GATE Biotech & GATE Life Science Test Series - AIMGATE 2019
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AIMGATE Life Science (XL) – 2019

  • No of Question in Each Test: 50
  • Negative Marking: Yes
  • Subjects: AIMGATE-XL-Chemistry, AIMGATE-XL-Biochemistry, AIMGATE-XL-Botany, AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology, AIMGATE-XL-Zoology, AIMGATE-XL-Food Technology

-1 Negative marking will be there for every wrong answer marked, +4 for every correct answer.


AIMGATE-XL-Food Technology Test Schedule 

SubjectDate Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Food Tech- 0Sep 1st 2018Full Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Food Tech-1Sep 8th 2018Section 1: Food Chemistry and Nutrition
AIMGATE-XL-Food Tech-2Sep 15th 2018Section 1: Food Chemistry and Nutrition
AIMGATE-XL-Food Tech-3Sep 22nd 2018Section 2: Food Microbiology
AIMGATE-XL-Food Tech-4Sep 29th 2018Section 2: Food Microbiology
AIMGATE-XL-Food Tech-5Oct 6th 2018 Section 3: Food Products Technology
AIMGATE-XL-Food Tech-6Oct 13th 2018Section 3: Food Products Technology
AIMGATE-XL-Food Tech-7Oct 27th 2018Section 4: Food Engineering
AIMGATE-XL-Food Tech-8Nov 3rd 2018Section 4: Food Engineering
AIMGATE-XL-Food Tech-9Nov 10th 2018Full Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Food Tech-10Nov 17th 2018Full Syllabus


AIMGATE-XL-Zoology Test Schedule 


SubjectDate Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology- 0Sep 1st 2018Full Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology-1Sep 8th 2018Section 1: Animal world
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology-2Sep 15th 2018Section 2: Evolution
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology-3Sep 22nd 2018Section 3-  Genetics
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology-4Sep 29th 2018Section 4- Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology-5Oct 6th 2018 Section 5-  Cell Biology
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology-6Oct 13th 2018Section 6- Gene expression in Eukaryotes
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology-7Oct 27th 2018Section 7- Animal Anatomy and Physiology
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology-8Nov 3rd 2018Section 8-  Parasitology and Immunology
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology-9Nov 10th 2018Section 9-  Development Biology
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology-10Nov 17th 2018Section 10: Ecology
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology-11Nov 24th 2018Section 11: Animal Behaviour
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology-12 Nov 24th 2018Full Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Zoology-13Dec 1st 2018Full Syllabus
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AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology Test Schedule 


SubjectDate Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology- 0Sep 1st 2018Full Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology-1Sep 8th 2018Section 1: Historical Perspective
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology-2Sep 15th 2018Section 2: Methods in Microbiology
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology-3Sep 22nd 2018Section 3- Microbial Taxonomy and Diversity
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology-4Sep 29th 2018Section 4- Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells: Structure and Function
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology-5Oct 6th 2018 Section 5- Microbial Growth
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology-6Oct 13th 2018Section 6- Control of Micro-organisms
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology-7Oct 27th 2018Section 7- Microbial Metabolism
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology-8Nov 3rd 2018Section 8- Microbial Diseases and Host Pathogen Interaction
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology-9Nov 10th 2018Section-8-  Chemotherapy/Antibiotics
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology-10Nov 17th 2018Section 9: Microbial Genetics
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology-11Nov 24th 2018Section 10: Microbial Ecology
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology-12 Nov 24th 2018Full Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Microbiology-13Dec 1st 2018Full Syllabus


AIMGATE-XL-Botany Test Schedule 


SubjectDate Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Botany- 0Sep 1st 2018Full Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Botany-1Sep 8th 2018Section 1- Plant Systematics
AIMGATE-XL-Botany-2Sep 15th 2018Section 2- Plant Anatomy
AIMGATE-XL-Botany-3Sep 22nd 2018Section 3-  Morphogenesis & Development
AIMGATE-XL-Botany-4Sep 29th 2018Section 4-  Physiology and Biochemistry
AIMGATE-XL-Botany-5Oct 6th 2018Section 5-  Genetics
AIMGATE-XL-Botany-6Oct 13th 2018Section 6- Plant Breeding and Genetic Modification
AIMGATE-XL-Botany-7Oct 27th 2018Section 7- Economic Botany
AIMGATE-XL-Botany-8Nov 3rd 2018Section 8- Plant Pathology
AIMGATE-XL-Botany-9Nov 10th 2018Section-9- Ecology and Environment
AIMGATE-XL-Botany-10Nov 17th 2018Full Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Botany-11Nov 24th 2018Full Syllabus
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AIMGATE-XL-Biochemistry Test Schedule 


SubjectDate Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Biochemistry- 0Sep 1st 2018Full Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Biochemistry-1Sep 8th 2018Section 1
AIMGATE-XL-Biochemistry-2Sep 15th 2018Section 2
AIMGATE-XL-Biochemistry-3Sep 22nd 2018Section 3
AIMGATE-XL-Biochemistry-4Sep 29th 2018Section 4
AIMGATE-XL-Biochemistry-5Oct 6th 2018Section 5
AIMGATE-XL-Biochemistry-6Oct 13th 2018Section 6
AIMGATE-XL-Biochemistry-7Oct 27th 2018Section 1,2,3
AIMGATE-XL-Biochemistry-8Nov 3rd 2018Section 4,5,6
AIMGATE-XL-Biochemistry-9Nov 10th 2018Full Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-Biochemistry-10Nov 17th 2018Full Syllabus


AIMGATE-XL-Chemistry Test Schedule 


SubjectDate Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-chemistry- 0Sep 1st 2018Full Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-chemistry-1Sep 8th 2018Atomic Structure and Periodicity
AIMGATE-XL-chemistry-2Sep 15th 2018Structure and Bonding
AIMGATE-XL-chemistry-3Sep 22nd 2018s, p and d Block Elements
AIMGATE-XL-chemistry-4Sep 29th 2018Chemical Equilibria
AIMGATE-XL-chemistry-5Oct 6th 2018Electrochemistry
AIMGATE-XL-chemistry-6Oct 13th 2018Reaction Kinetics
AIMGATE-XL-chemistry-7Oct 27th 2018Thermodynamics
AIMGATE-XL-chemistry-8Nov 3rd 2018Structure-Reactivity Correlations
AIMGATE-XL-chemistry-9Nov 10th 2018Full Syllabus
AIMGATE-XL-chemistry-10Nov 17th 2018Full Syllabus



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