Sun Pharma Science Scholar Awards 2018
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Sun Pharma Science Scholar Awards 2018

The official notification for the Sun Pharma Science Scholar Awards 2018 has been released. Interested and eligible candidates check out the details on the same below. There are four awards of Rupees Fifty Thousand each. Check out all of the information on the same below:

This call expires in :

-204Days -21Hours -26Minutes 00Seconds


We Invite Heads of Research Institutions, Universities, Medical and Pharmaceutical Colleges of India to nominate Young scientists for its “Sun Pharma Science Scholar Awards-2018”. 


These awards are supposed to encourage the brilliant and forthcoming new generation of scientists and investigators of India with a goal to give additional impetus to research activity in the nation and also to excite their interest in research careers in the fields of both Bio-Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The Sun Pharma Science Scholar Awards-2018:

You will find just four Science Scholar Awards, two each in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Value of every scholar award is Rupees Fifty Thousand and an extra fifty thousand will be supplied for attending a global convention to present abstracts/posters. To avail this extra sum, the awardee must submit an invitation letter from the conference coordinating committee and apply all of the cost details with documentary evidence to the Foundation’s office.


  1. Only Indian nationals performing their study in India are eligible for these awards.
  2. Age needs to be less than 30 years as on August 30, 2018.
  3. Should have completed at least 1st year of MD or PhD in Biomedical or Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Applicants who have completed their MD or PhD aren’t eligible for the Award.
  4. Should have finished a Research Project
  5. The Award is available to all areas associated with Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  6. Should be ready to exhibit his/her research work facing educated assessors.

How To apply:

The applicants must submit their nominations through online at (Open in google chrome).  The site will be open to submitting nominations from July 1, 2018, on August 30, 2018. The next information must be uploaded to the site.

  1. Photograph of the Applicant
  2. Category Of this Award
  3. Name of the Applicant
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Citizenship
  6. Ongoing Course of the Applicant
  7. Office, Home Address of the Applicant with Mobile Number and E-mail Address
  8. Name And Address of the Nominator with cellular Number and E-mail ID.
  9. Letter From the Supervisor/Nominator certifying the research work submitted for Sun Pharma Science Scholar Award has in fact been accomplished by the applicant.
  10. Justification Letter from the nominator for sponsoring the nomination, duly signed by the nominator.
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After uploading the Justification letter from the host of this nomination, the applicant will be offered a login identification and password to upload the following advice.

  1. Thorough CV

2. Details Of the study work/project performed by the Applicant to be described under the following headings:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Material And Methods
  • Results
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Discussion
  • Impact Of the research in the progress of knowledge or gain to humanity
  • Literature References

3. A Voluntary statement from the applicant that they’d function in the general public or privately financed academic/research established associations for a minimum period of 2 years following the conclusion of their research.

4. A Letter saying that the job submitted for Sun Pharma Science Scholar Awards-2018 has obtained”Ethical Clearance” in the concerned authorities (please attach the certification of ethical clearance, if any).

5. A Statement signed by the nominee and the supervisor/co-authors that financially the thesis submitted for Sun Pharma Science Scholar Awards-2018 has”no-conflict of attention” together with the supervisor or co-authors.

Added Information:

The applicant also must upload the following information with testimonials.

  1. Class XII
  • Aggregate Marks obtained from PCB/PCM
  • Amount Of attempts
  • Year Of passing

2. Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degree

  • Aggregate Marks got
  • Amount Of attempts
  • Year Of passing

3. Publications, if any

A. Title of this journal/publication
B. Title of this article
C. Year, volume, page number of this article (Please upload reprint)

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4. Merits and Awards

A. Title of this award/merit certification, if any, currently obtained by the applicant
B. Year
C. Achievements

5. Scholarships

A. Title of this pupil, if any, currently obtained by the applicant
B. Year
C. Achievements

6. Proof of age

After downloading the nomination on the site, it’s necessary to send a listing of print copy of this nomination together with the uploaded data, to the office of Sun Pharma Science Foundation, to reach by September 10, 2018.

Method of shortlisting:

The Shortlisting will be performed based on predetermined standards of equal weightage and also the standard of the research work. There’ll be three assessors every in the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, that will assess the nominations individually and the average score of every will be taken into account. The initial five candidates are shortlisted in every group.


The Shortlisted applicants– five each from Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences will be encouraged by the Foundation to present their own research work to some educated assessors. The applicants must be ready to answer the queries, which might arise following the demonstrations. Aside from the assessors, another audience could consist of students, researchers and academicians.


There Will probably be at least three assessors each in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The evaluation will be based only on voting from the assessors. In the event of a tie, the award will be shared between two candidates.


Decision Of the committee of the assessors will be final and can’t be challenged.  The outcomes will be conveyed either at the close of the session or from the post, individually.

  • The Chosen candidates will be called as Sun Pharma Science Scholars’.  A certification to this effect will be shown during the award ceremony.
  • The Chosen Science Scholars will also be expected to attend a global seminar and present a paper in the region of their experience and also submit a report to this effect into the Foundation.
  • The Foundation will offer a lump sum grant of Rs.50,000/- to the Science Scholars to meet their expenses for attending a global conference to present abstracts/posters, upon filing the invitation letter and expenditure statement with documental evidence to the workplace of Sun Pharma Science Foundation.
  • To And fro apex airfare such as lodging and boarding expenses will be supplied when encouraged by the Foundation to get the award. They’ll also be encouraged to take part in the yearly Symposium, Research Awards Presentation Ceremony and Conferences arranged by the Foundation to meet and socialize with all the outstanding scientists and research workers present on those events.
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Last date:

The deadline for submitting the nomination is August 30, 2018.

Obligations of the Science Scholars:

  • The Sun Pharma Science Scholars will have no claim of any kind with Sun Pharma Science Foundation or Sun Pharma group of companies.
  • The Sun Pharma Science Scholars are expected to provide a voluntary statement which they’d function in the general public or privately financed academic/research established associations for a minimum period of 2 years following completion of the research.
  • The Science Scholars will continue to keep the Foundation informed about their accomplishments from time to time.

Please Submit the nominations online most recent by August 30, 2018 And send a set of print copy of the uploaded nomination to the office Of Sun Pharma Science Foundation to get by September 10, 2018.

For further details or clarification, please contact:

Office of Sun Pharma Science Foundation
Sarhaul, Sector-18, Gurgaon – 122015, Haryana (India)
Tel. (91-124) 2341477 (D) ; 4194400; 4194200;

Submission of Nomination

View Notification

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