7 Advantages of Having a Ph.D. Over Non-Ph.D. Candidates
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7 Advantages of Having a Ph.D. Over Non-Ph.D. Candidates

Having a Ph.D. will give you a more significant advantage than regular job candidates. Don’t let others doubt your self-worth.

It takes a while to complete a Ph.D. degree. So most people will tell you that it is just a waste of time and money.

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At some point in your journey, you’ll feel pressured seeing others having a family and getting content with their regular jobs.

But here’s the catch –bigger rewards await for those who have put up so much hard work. Getting a Ph.D. is a long-term investment. When you get into the real world, you’ll find out that the world is in need of trained professionals who can create new information and not just repackage it.

So if you’re feeling doubtful at completing your Ph.D., here are some of the significant advances of completing your journey.

  1. PhDs can identify real problems and provide customized solutions

Different industries have high regards for Ph.D. graduates because of their ability to think critically, solve complex problems, and lead decision making.

Since PhDs excel in these three areas, they are often more preferred than regular candidates. Considering the rapidly growing demand of skilled workers, you as a Ph.D. graduate can be the next person to sit in top industry positions.

Never take for granted the fact that you’re a researcher. In case someone mocks your achievements, think of all the time you spent trying to find the answers to the world’s toughest question, no one has ever solved but you.

Remember this – other people will simply skim through the internet to gather information. But you have a different way of approaching questions and a more reliable way of searching for answers through data gatherings, testing, and experimentation.

  1. PhDs believe that failure is just a part of the challenge
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How many clinical trials have you failed before getting the right answers? You’ve probably made 30 attempts to no avail but you still wake up stalwartly in the effort to conduct another research.

In short, you are not a quitter. Industries like people who don’t stop what they’re doing just because they fail. When you’re a Ph.D., you develop an open mind and a wider perspective which industries look for in a certain applicant.

Most people who fail for the first time eventually quit their job. But you don’t.  You’ve taken up Ph.D. which have trained you to face hurdles and maintain a strong heart.

  1. PhDs know how to rise above their career amidst negativity

Life of a Ph.D. candidate is full of ups & downs. One faces challenges everywhere, but a Ph.D. candidate can tackle them more efficiently. Don’t believe me yet?

Remember the times when experimentation results were not appropriate and you felt worthless? Or You had to redo your Ph.D. proposal from scratch? It was absolutely a degrading experience, isn’t it? But still, you made an effort to complete your Ph.D. Every word & situation of discouragement and rejection simply turned into a challenge for you to strive harder.

All the rigorous processes which you’ve gone through was just a part of the training to face a greater challenge in the future. Sooner, you will realize that getting a Ph.D. has made it very easy for you to deal with hard-hearted people. So be thankful!

  1. PhDs maintain positive thinking amidst uncertainty

Ph.D. graduates don’t see uncertainty as a hindrance. They view it as an opportunity to discover something new. If uncertainty ends, then there would be nothing more to discover.

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As a Ph.D. graduate, you’ve probably spent many years of your life doing experiments to resolve the gray areas in this world. For many times, you didn’t have an idea whether your experiments would yield good results. Yet here you are. You’ve passed all the challenges.

So there is no way you can’t handle whatever uncertainty the real world brings. This quality is something that many regular workers don’t have. Most people want assurance and reassurance, which is why they are easy to break. Since you can work through uncertainties, you are more likely to excel.

  1. PhDs create information, not just replicate

PhDs don’t just replicate what has already been written in the books. Rather, they discover things to create new information. This is one of your most valuable assets that makes you outstanding.

Anyone can learn how to work and replicate products. However, the ability to discover technology and innovate products to resolve rare conditions is only acquired when you pursue a Ph.D.

Don’t assume that you’re lesser than anyone. If your colleagues tell you that Ph.D. is just a “title.” Tell them that is not. If you’re a Ph.D. degree holder, you’re a leader and an innovator whether you work in an academic or non-academic career.

  1. PhDs can collaborate both with PhDs, non-PhDs & PostDocs

If you have a Ph.D., you’ve worked very closely with many colleagues and students, be it your Research Guide, Your Colleagues & Fellow Researchers, Juniors and many more. You’ve already have shared resources with different people and mingled with several field experts. No one is more qualified to work with a team than you are. When it comes to being a team player, no one is better than you.

  1. PhDs are never overqualified for an industry position
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Try to imagine yourself as the employer. If you want your company to thrive and you’re looking for the best person on board, would you turn down someone who has a Ph.D.? Exactly, The answer is NO.

But still, many employers turn down the best candidates for several reasons. Sometimes, the best way to say you are “wrongly” qualified is to say that you’re “overqualified.”

If you experience this scenario, don’t lose hope. Simply, change your approach. Before you apply to another company, research on the employer’s working environment. Do not complain about the system going against you, rather try to adjust yourself to the situation and present a solution on how you can help the company.

You must show how your Ph.D. can help advance their interest. The key is to position yourself correctly. After all, you are a Doctor of Philosophy. No one is ever more knowledgeable in your field than you do.

But don’t be too proud of yourself. Refrain from bragging and doing a litany of achievements. Avoid any instance that would lead your employer to think wrongly about you.


So these are the seven advantages of being a Ph.D. graduate over regular candidates. Don’t be afraid to transition into a non-academic career just because you think you’re overqualified. Just follow where your passion may lead you.

Whenever you’re in doubt just think of this, “Why do you think people pursue a Ph.D. program even if it will take a lot of years?” Probably because there is something good in it like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Remember, good things take time. Good Luck!

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