Top 10 List of Msc Biotechnology Entrance Exams in India
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Top 10 List of Msc Biotechnology Entrance Exams in India

Many BioTech graduates often wonder which path they should take – is it to settle down or to pursue masters? Well, the hardships that come with pursuing a Master’s Degree in BioTech can scare a lot of students. However, if you have a great passion for BioTech, here are Top 10 List of Msc Biotechnology Entrance Exams in India for you to ponder on.

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Bio-Technology is a research-oriented study that focuses on the combination of biology and technology.  Currently, there are several Institutions in India that offer MSc Biotechnology and for you to gain entry into these programs, you have to clear their respective entrance exams.

The following are the top ten most competitive Biotech exams that you can take to gain entry to your dream college in India.

  1. JNU CEEB Combined Biotechnology Entrance Exam

Jawaharlal Nehru University is a public university in New Delhi that offers combines MSc Biotech entrance exam on behalf of various participating universities. The test is conducted in 54 centers and one international center at Kathmandu. At present, the university has a total of 577 seats for aspiring Msc Biotech students that are segregated into different schools. Fortunately, there is no specific syllabus for taking the JNU CEEB Biotech Exam. It’s best to just study general life sciences topics. Just a tip, you can also check syllabus from JAM or get ideas from shortlisted topics in Biology, Cell, and Molecular Biology.

  1. TIRF Fundamental Research Entrance Exam

If you’re thinking about getting an integrated MSc-PhD in Biotech, you can take the entrance exam of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Currently, the school claims to be an excellent foundation to study advanced study in fundamental research. It hosts exam to more than 20 participating institutions. The procedure for admission starts with the TIFR entrance exam, then students who are shortlisted would proceed to an interview for final screening.

  1. AIIMS Biotech Entrance Exam
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The AIIMS Biotech Entrance Exam is a national level of tests held every June for students who want to enroll in Biotech courses. To be admitted to the university, students who belong to the General Caste must reach 60 percent passing mark while those who belong under OBS, SC caste. The school holds various entrance exams in different cities and you have the option to choose your preference during registration. First, you need to send your application, fill out the registration form, choose a city where you prefer to take the entrance exam and get your admit card which you will have to bring during the exam.

  1. Alagappa University Entrance Exam

Alagappa University is a public university located at Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India. Currently, it holds pride for being a center of excellence in BioTech. Students who want to study Msc Biotech in this university must first have a passing mark in their entrance examination which is conducted mainly in Karaikudi and Chennai. Students have the option to choose the center where they will take their exam but the university encourages that it should be within their covered areas, otherwise they will have to choose the alternative.

For eligibility, the university requires applicants to at least have a Bachelor’s Degree in life sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Microbiology, or any related course to BioTech. We all know that there is no such thing as “easy” when it comes to BioTech Entrance Exam but with enough study habits, you’ll surely pass the university’s test. The exam is composed of 100 questions on five major areas of BioTech such as BioChem, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics, and Ecology.

  1. BHU M.Sc Biotechnology Entrance exam

Banaras Hindu University is one of the top-performing public universities in India when it comes to Msc Biotech. It has produced 94 PhDs. since it was first established in 1986. Many students come here for their excellent infrastructure and equipment facilities for research like the Spectrofluorimeter, ABI Prism 310 Genetic Analyzer (DNA Sequencer), and many more.

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However, like many universities, BHU requires BSc BioTech aspirants to first undergo an entrance exam where their aptitude for Biotech is screened and tested. Just a tip, although universities only require a passing mark, I would advise you to target a rank within 30 just to be on a safe side and be careful about getting negatives during the exam. Every year there are 16 Msc Biotech students admitted to this university.

  1. Amity Institute of Biology Entrance Exam

Many successful MSc Biology graduates from Amity have had impressive work in genetic classification, which is why this school is never an inferior choice for your post-graduate studies. To gain entry to this university you must be a graduate of Life Sciences and have a passing mark in their entrance exam.

At present, the university also offers MSc in Organic Agriculture and Resource and MSc in Bioinformatics, just in case you want to jump ship from BioTech.

  1. CUCET Biotech Entrance Exam

The Central Universities Common BioTech Entrance Exam is an all-India level entrance exam which you can take to enroll in more than 70 MPhil & MSc, and PhD courses. Just like other schools, CUCET entrance exam is composed of 100 objective MCQ questions, each is answerable within 60 seconds.

However, what makes CUCET Biotech Entrance Exam more advantageous is the availability of syllabi which you can study. The school highly recommends candidates to go through their syllabi to get a passing mark in their entrance exam.

  1. JNTU MSc Biotech Entrance Exam

Every first quarter of the year, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University opens its doors to aspiring Msc BioTech students. To be eligible to take the exam, students must at least have a Bachelor’s Degree in BioScience with Chemistry as one of the subjects and any life sciences like Botany or Zoology.

Like any other university, JNTU accepts international students and other students who have graduated from recognized universities.

  1. Himachal Pradesh University MSc Biotechnology Entrance Exam
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The MSc BioTech in Himachal Pradesh was built in 1994 and obviously have a very limited seat for 10 students. To be eligible for this course, candidates must have a BSc in BioTech and must have a passing mark during the entrance exam in the All-India entrance test.

Considering that there are only 10 seats available in the university, it pays to really prepare for the exam so you can get in. Search on the MSc Biotech Entrance Exam pattern in the school and browse through their page for pop-up notifications about the latest MSc trends.

  1. University of Mysore MSc BioTech Entrance Exam

The University of Mysore is one of the oldest schools in India built in 1916. If you’re the type who wants to study MSc BioTech while immersing into a great cultural influence, then you’ll probably find this school amazing.

At present, the school has 10 seats available for aspiring MSc candidates who pass their entrance exam. Apart from other schools, MSc BioTech in Mysore focuses on areas like Plan BioTech, Cell Culture, and Microbial Technology. To be eligible you must have a Bachelor of Science degree with a 50 to 60 percent mark.

Majority of schools and universities in India that offer MSc BioTech are really good. However, the choice depends on your preference.

Every university has its own area of focus which can greatly affect your decision. So if you want to focus on something during your Master’s journey, then you also have to research whether your aim university prioritizes such course.

So, these are all the 10 most competitive Msc BioTech exams in India. There are lots of other institutions out there with the same level of prestige and excellence but whatever is your choice, make sure that you’ve researched it well.

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