Team Lead - Microbiology Position Vacant @ Pfizer
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Team Lead – Microbiology Position Vacant @ Pfizer

Pfizer Research Jobs – Microbiology jobs. Chennai MSc Jobs. MSc & PhD Microbiology jobs at Pfizer. Apply for Team Lead – Microbiology Vacancy at Pfizer. Applications for this post has to be sent online. Pfizers Research Careers for MSc and PhD Microbiology candidates. Check out all of the details on the same and more, below:

Designation : Team Lead – Microbiology

Job ID : 4707531

Location : India – Chennai

Job Description :

  • Lead the group of microbiologists from the microbiology laboratory or ecological monitoring. Responsible for in procedure microbiological sampling, water sampling, environment, and employees.
  • Performing the ecological monitoring programme at the centre.
  • Settle plate
  • Air sampling
  • Surface tracking
  • Personnel monitoring
  • Performing the compacted air monitoring according to program.
  • Performing the drain stage tracking according to the schedule.
  • Series of in procedure sample.
  • Performing in process investigation like BET,LBPC and sterility
  • Performing the Gowning eligibility of aseptic personnel according to the given date.
  • Support the microbiological eligibility activities from the production.
  • Support and demand the press fill action.
  • Performing water sampling according to program.
  • Performing the cross contamination sample from the aseptic area.
  • Performing water sampling and testing according to program.
  • Calibration of pH meter and then execute the pH of this sample.
  • Receipt, storage and handling of biological signs civilizations.
  • Perform the eligibility of biological signs.
  • Receipt, storage and Managing of beta lactamase enzyme.
  • Incubation of tracked plates According to the Process.
  • Performing the media fill vials monitoring.
  • Performing the container closure integrity according to the process
  • Performing the cross contamination sample at the aseptic area.
  • Planning of media and Take Care of the inventory as per the requirement.
  • Sterilization of accessories and media by autoclave cycles
  • Support and Engagement in Media fill.
  • Trending of information of water/EMP.
  • Performing the functionality affirmation of all of the gear / tools.
  • Performing the plate reporting and release the outcomes.
  • Performing the isolates identification according to predefined process.
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