NIV confirms Ribavirin as a potential treatment for Nipah Virus

NIV confirms Ribavirin as a potential treatment for Nipah Virus

The scientists at the National Institute of Virology (NIV) are hopeful that the legal battle with Nipah will finally come to an end as they confirm Ribavirin’s potentials in treating Nipah Virus.

As per NIV study, Ribavirin helps reduce viremia in patients infected with Nipah virus but there has been no proof yet that it is an effective treatment for Nipah.

The doctors in Malaysia who have administered Ribavirin in Nipah-infected patients have also confirmed its promising effects in slowing the virus from spreading all over the body.

For best results, the doctors advise that the treatment should be given within 2-3 days after an individual shows symptoms of Nipah infection.

In an interview with NIV-Pune director Devendra Mourya, he reveals that the institution is conducting further studies to ascertain the binding effects of Ribavirin with the Nipah virus. “At present, this is the only in-silico study carried out by scientists in India to prove the Ribavirin’s efficacy as an anti-viral drug,” says Mourya.

Nevertheless, the doctors and scientists in India are hopeful that the number of patients treated by Ribavirin would continue to rise. Until then, there is no final call

whether or not to make Ribavirin as the official treatment for Nipah virus.

Ribavirin is commonly used to treat hepatitis C but has been under scientific study for its potent effects in slowing down the viral infection caused by Nipah virus.

The Nipah virus is a viral infection that first originated in Malaysia in 1998. At present, the virus has spread into India and has claimed many lives to date. In Kerala, there are at least 16 people who have died from the infection and 10 Kozhikode.

According to the Department of Health in India, the virus starts with a simple flu-like symptom, which can worsen in two days leading into a coma.

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