PhD Programme Spring Semester 2018-2019 @ IIT Kharagpur
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International PhD Program in Life Sciences @ University of Geneva

Official notification for International PhD Program in Life Sciences at University of Geneva. International PhD Program in Life Sciences at University of Geneva admissions 2018. Interested Master’s degree candidates for an International PhD Program in Life Sciences at University of Geneva, check out all the details on the same below;

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PhD Faculty in Life Sciences of the Faculties of Science and Medicine

The University of Geneva Faculties of Medicine and Science combine their forces to offer an outstanding research and study environment in Life Sciences.  Highly motivated students with a Master’s degree or equivalent are welcome to apply to two or one of its six advanced doctoral programmes.

We’re a part of the Global PhD program in Fundamental and Applied Molecular Life Sciences of Geneva “Geneva International PhD Program”

The Faculty of Sciences at the University of Geneva Provides an outstanding research environment for studies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences. The branches of Animal Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology and the SPRI have united their efforts to supply an extensive educational background and chances in research which are essential to satisfy the scientific challenges of their future. All pupils in the program participate in a frequent program developing a group spirit and easing exchange. More than half research teams take part in the program offering a huge array of research topics. There are over 80 PhD students in the sponsor labs and we forecast roughly 15 new entries every year.

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All students entering the program are remunerated in line with the criteria of this University of Geneva, which can be above those of the Swiss National Science Foundation and generous compared to other global PhD programs.

Geneva is a fundamental purpose in Western Europe, the home to many significant international organizations and companies, has a large assortment of cultural activities for all preferences, and gives an outstanding all-natural environment for outdoor pursuits.

Molecular Biosciences

The Molecular Biosciences program concentrates on basic questions in the heart of life sciences. The groups in the program address a vast assortment of subjects about business, dynamics and function of biological systems. By way of instance, mobile traffic, signaling, gene expression, plant biology and developmental biology are among the subjects examined in different laboratories of this program.

Ecology and Evolution

Ecology and evolution are essential scientific areas in our comprehension of life and biodiversity on Earth, and therefore are of growing social importance. The doctoral program in Ecology & Evolution brings together World Class research teams in an energetic and advanced academic community. The collaborative involvement of different University departments, the Botanical Garden and the Museum of Natural History of Geneva reflects this interdisciplinary and lively academic environment.  The scientific excellence of the global top rated University is translated into many different top quality courses and actions. Additionally, engaging students are entitled to the actions arranged by the University Seminar of Occidental Switzerland (CUSO), expanding their media opportunities.

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Physics of Biology

The program Physics of Biology provides interdisciplinary training towards a doctorate (PhD) in the interface between Biology and Physics. Research from the program aims at understanding biological methods in physical principles utilizing a huge selection of unique approaches. Groups participating in the program belong to various sections of the Faculties of Sciences and of Medicine.  The intention of the program is to prepare one to pursue qualitative approaches to biological issues. It gives graduate-level coursework in mathematics and life sciences tailored for a desktop computer. By focusing on cutting problems in the interface between physics and chemistry and by constant participation from the lively conference program in Geneva, you’re guided to develop your individual study monitors.

Apply before: Oct 1st 2018

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