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Wellcome Trust-DBT India Alliance Early Career Fellowships 2018

The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance invites applications for its Early Career Fellowships in Biomedical Research. This is a mentored Fellowship programme that provides a unique opportunity for promising postdoctoral researchers to carry out high-quality biomedical research in India towards building an independent research career.

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That is a mentored Fellowship for assuring recently qualified postdoctoral investigators to achieve independence. The strategy gives a exceptional chance to assist them make an early start at creating their own research programme.


The Early Career Fellowship (ECF) contest is available for fundamental science/veterinary investigators with -1 to 4 years of post-PhD research expertise. It follows that you need to be at the last year of your PhD research or possess no more than four years of postdoctoral research experience from the date of your PhD viva to the entire application submission deadline so as to qualify for the competition.

In accord with the scheme’s mandate to cultivate liberty, Early Career Fellows are strongly urged to perform their own Fellowship project in a lab which isn’t their thesis lab or thesis atmosphere. In case you’ve got compelling reasons to continue in or return to your thesis laboratory/environment, please introduce those suitably in the preliminary application and arrange to get a letter in the Fellowship Supervisor according to this choice.

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More information about our eligibility criteria are available here.


ECF is a fulltime Fellowship for five years and supplies:

•The Fellow’s Individual service
•Research costs, such as research help if needed
•Additional allowances (traveling and abroad subsistence) for Function Out Host Institution (scientifically justified long-term coaching or collaborative lab visits anywhere in the world for up to 24 months, except in the very first year and Vast Majority of the final year of their Fellowship)
•Additional India Alliance contributions


The proposed research must fall within the India Alliance’s remit that is to encourage biomedical research that’s pertinent to animal and human welfare. If you’re not certain if your research plan falls within our remit, please write to [email protected] with your CV along with a list of your planned study.

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Deadlines: Prelim application launch date: 02 July 2018 : 2-7-2018

Preliminary application deadline: 31 July 2018, 12 noon IST

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