Internship Scheme @ Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
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Internship Scheme @ Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Official internship notification has been announced at Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change for indian nationals who are graduates or post graduates. MoEFCC Internship Scheme 2018 for graduate and postgraduate students. Check out all of the details on the same below:

This call expires in :

-295Days -22Hours -7Minutes -45Seconds


Purpose: To allow short-term exposure to “chosen candidates” with various Divisions/Units of Ministry as ‘lnterns’. A listing of domains/areas that Internship can be obtained at Annexure-l.

Aims of the Scheme: The Scheme has the following goals:

  1. To let young academic ability to be associated with this Ministry’s job for mutual advantage;
  2. The “Interns” will have a chance to understand more about the Government working and Regulatory and Developmental Policy issues and contribute in its own amendment, if necessary, by creating inputs like empirical investigation, briefing reports, policy documents, etc.
  3. A candidate can apply for citizenship just once through a financial year

Qualification: The Applicant pursuing Graduation or Post Graduation or Research Work in any recognized University/ Institution in India or abroad will qualify.

Period: The period of Internship will not exceed 3 months.

Experience Certification: A Certificate regarding successful Conclusion of Internship will likely be issued from the Division Head of the concerned Section at the format as available at Annexure – II Interns not finishing the necessary period won’t be issued any Certification.

Logistics & Service: Interns will have to get their own laptops. Ministry will provide them working distance, Internet centre and other essentials as deemed fit by the concerned Head of Division.

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Process for Applicants:

  1. Interested Applicants can apply online just in the address link to be indicated in the site of Ministry f o r internship. Interns should also clearly indicate the subject of interest. The interns will have the choice to use in 1 Discipline only. In the event, any application / applications is / are obtained for nomination in multiple Disciplines, then it is going to be the prerogative of the Ministry to nominate the Discipline in the Disciplines cited from the intern.
  2. In the time of linking on choice, Applicants will be Re quired to create a letter from their Supervisor/ Head of Department/ Principal, signaling their status in the Institution and “No Objection” for permitting their student to undergo Internship programme for the time where he or she’s chosen.

Process for Selection and Other Modalities of this Scheme:

(i) Each of the applications received online will be forwarded to the concerned Heads of Verticals/ Units/ Divisions in Ministry for Additional evaluation and choice;

(ii) The Heads of Divisions/ Components can take a max of 3 (three) interns for Internship at one time.  After Choice of the candidates, the worried Division will ship the supply of internship to the Applicant directly to the chosen candidate under intimation to the Administration. The conclusion of the Divisional Head concerning the suitability of a candidate since lntern will be final and binding;

(iii) Depending on the number of applications received against a particular domain area, Ministry Reserves the right to correct up the eligibility criteria, limit the amount of applicants to be called for a specific period and to determine concerning the manner of screening thereof;

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(iv) The concerned Heads of Divisions/ Units will be accountable for making sure that the work programme and also output mutually agreed upon together with the Intern is satisfactorily completed. Interns will likely be required to submit a brief report/ paper at the conclusion of the assignment to the Heads of those concerned Divisions/ Components in their learning experience;

(v) S e m I n a r s / p r e s e n t a t I o n could be conducted from the Concerned Heads of special Divisions/Units for their interns;

(vi) The attendance record and the Particulars of work Supervision shall be preserved by the Heads of the Divisions / Units:

(vii) It may be strictly observed the behavior of their interns and their accessibility to information will likely be the sole responsibility of the nervous Form Heads simply;

(viii) The Applicant would Be asked to submit another:

Duplicate of Mark- sheet/ Amount of Graduation/Post-Graduation.

(ix) Students who have completed MSc. Or PGDM from IIFM will probably be given preference;

(x) Student trainee must create their particular arrangements for boarding/ lodging, transport and stationery etc;

(xi) The students Won’t have any claim for job in Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change or some other organizations under its administrative control;

(xii) The application has to reach the Under Secretary (P.I) Section Within the specified period;

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(xiii) The applications found incomplete or not ffulfilling standards laid down As previously wiil be summarily refused;

Stipend Disbursement:

The quantum of stipend to be paid to Interns will likely be Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) per month to a variety of categories.  No stipend will be paid when the student leaves the internship prior to conclusion of one month. Afterward, depending on the amount of internship, the amount of stipend will be paid proportionately. Absence of these interns from attending the delegated job at the Ministry for over 3 days in a month will lead to deduction of stipend-amount equal to the quantities of day in excess of 3 days.

Training Program:

Internship shall be conducted twice in a fiscal year – (i) Summer Internship; (ii) Winter Internship, the timing schedule of which will be made accessible the site of the Ministry from time to time.

Selection Criteria:

(i) The Applicants will be chosen on “Merit” basis.

(ii) List of those chosen candidates will be displayed on the Site of Ministry.

Application Deadline: 30th May 2018

View Notification

Apply Online

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