How to Handle CSIR NET and GATE Exam Stress ?
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How to Handle CSIR NET and GATE Exam Stress ?

Thousands of students like you all over India right now will be super tensed, having sleepless nights and must have lost appetite as the CSIR NET Exams are nearing. Daily life stress can take over anybody but exam stress comes with an additional pressure of scoring well. Exam stress may take a toll on you and general reasons for it are : Pressure of scoring good marks, Parents High expectations, High Competition, Comparison with others, Fear of failure, Fear of rejection. Exam stress can be easily handled by following some strict plans including proper diet, on time exercises, proper time table for studies, checking out difficult topics first and then look up the easier ones later. Remember :

“It’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it. — C.S. Lewis”


With just few days left for CSIR Exam you need aid in busting your stress and focus on last minute revisions so that your chances of clearing the exam remains high. Watch the below slide slow on How to Handle CSIR NET and GATE Exam Stress and implement the key points in your daily schedule. All the very best for upcoming exams.

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