The Enzyme GTCA Song - A Must Watch For All Biotech People
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The “Enzyme GTCA Song” – A Must Watch For All Biotech People

Hey you lovely biotech people out there. Too much of studies & lab work done ? Need a break ? We are here with an extraordinarily hilariously refreshing “Enzyme GTCA Song”. The “Enzyme GTCA Song” – A Must Watch For All Biotech People. Kudos to Bio rad team for coming out with this insanely out of the box video and i guarantee the lyrics will make you laugh & smile till the end. After all biotech is all about experimentation, disasters in the lab, discovery of new things and fun too. Do watch the full video and let us know your views in the comment section below. So lets begin:

Enzyme, whatcha doin today?
I said, Enzyme, want to make DNA?
I said enzyme, show me your binding way
Let me mix you with some primers
Enzyme, time to build a new strand….. Sing Along Guys !!!!

Courtesy : Bio rad 
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  1. It is so funny, worthy, knowledge, super, excellent, Marvellous. Salute for everyone. Thank you very much for such a best Song!!

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