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PhD Admission 2018 @ TERI School of Advanced Studies

PhD Admission 2018 at TERI School of Advanced Studies (Bioresources and Biotechnology) – Official Notification. PhD Admission 2018 for eligible candidates at TERI University (now TERI School of Advanced Studies). MSc & MPhil candidates are eligible to apply for the PhD Admission 2018 at TERI School of Advanced Studies. Check details on the same below:

This call expires in :

-501Days -19Hours -40Minutes -55Seconds


Programme Overview:

The doctoral research programme in Bioresources and Biotechnology has been devised to

  • Provide a highly academic, knowledge-driven environment that will create scientific talent and innovative minds capable of applying knowledge to benefit society and contribute to its welfare.
  • Create capacities for pursuing careers in industry by imparting a wide variety of skills to students. A collaborative inter-disciplinary effort between industry and academia is envisioned wherein manpower will be trained in accordance with the changing needs of industry.

Eligibility Criteria:

(a) M.Sc or M.Phil in a relevant field or equivalent.

(b) In extremely exceptional cases the admission committee may consider an application from a candidate who possess a B.Tech in a relevant field or equivalent. Only those who have a minimum CGPA of 8.0 on a 10 point scale or 75% marks should consider applying in this category. It may be noted that consideration under this category would be evaluated extremely strictly by an evaluation and admissions committee and admissions would only be in extremely exceptional cases, and would entail extended pre-Ph.D course work requirement.

Candidates (sponsored/non-sponsored) applying on part-time basis need to have a minimum work experience of 3 years in organizations approved by the department research committee.



(Amount in INR)

Non-sponsored One Time fee (Indian)*
One time payment10000
Non-Sponsored Refundable (Indian)
Institute deposit5000
Library deposit5000
Non-sponsored semester fee (Indian)
Tuition fees15000
Other charges8000

Total to be paid at registration for first semester: INR 43000
Total to be paid in subsequent semesters : INR 23000

Sponsored One Time fee (Indian)*
One time payment10000
Sponsored Refundable (Indian)
Institute deposit5000
Library deposit5000
Sponsored semester fee (Indian)
Tuition fees21750
Other charges8000

Total to be paid at registration for first semester: INR 49750
Total to be paid in subsequent semesters : INR 29750


Students from developing countries (Semester fee)(Amount in USD)

Tuition fees500
Other charges115

Total to be paid at registration for first semester: USD 615
Total to be paid in subsequent semesters : USD 615

Students from developed countries (Semester fee)
Tuition fees1000
Other charges115
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Total to be paid at registration for first semester: USD 1115
Total to be paid in subsequent semesters : USD 1115

Attendance Requirements:

  • Attendance requirements for Ph. D students
    A Ph.D. student, whether full-time or part-time, is expected to attend all classes in each course in which he/she is registered. In case his/her attendance is less than 75%, he/she will be debarred from the test/ examination for the course and will be awarded an F grade.
  • Grant of leave to Ph.D. students
    (a) During course work a full-time Ph.D. student, during his/her stay at the University will be entitled to leave for 30 days, including leave on medical grounds, per academic year.He/she will not be entitled to mid-semester breaks, summer and winter vacations. Leave beyond 30 days in an academic year may be granted to a Research Scholar in exceptional cases subject to the following conditions:
    (i) the leave beyond 30 days will be without assistantship/scholarship; and
    (ii) such an extension of up to additional 30 days will be granted only once during the programme of the scholar.
    The leave will be subject to the approval of the Head of Department/ Dean/ Faculty/ Programme Coordinator concerned on the recommendation of the Supervisor, and a proper leave account of each scholar shall be maintained by the Department concerned.
    (b) After completing the course work a full-time Ph.D. student during his/her stay at the University, will be entitled to leave for 30 days per academic year. He/she will not be entitled to mid-semester breaks, summer and winter vacations. In addition, a Ph.D. scholar who has completed his/her course work may be granted leave on medical grounds up to 10 days per academic year. Women research scholars will be eligible for maternity leave with assistantship for a period not exceeding 135 days once during the tenure of their programme.
  • Attendance requirement for assistantship
    If a Ph D student’s attendance falls below 75% in any course during a month, he/she will not be paid assistantship for that month. Further, if his/her attendance again falls short of 75% in any course in any subsequent month in that semester, his/her assistantship will be terminated. A research scholar after having completed the course work must attend to his/her research work on all working days and mark attendance except when he/she is on duly sanctioned leave. The requirement of 75% attendance will apply as above, on daily attendance except in cases where longer leave has been duly sanctioned within the leave entitlement of the student.

Financial Assistance:

Limited scholarships are available for Ph.D. research in specified areas. At present, these include scholarships offered by the HSBC for studies in financial aspects of climate change and from IOCL for studies in areas of biotechnology. Details can be seen from the ‘Admissions’ section.

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Categories of Admission:

(a) Full time without assistantship
(b) Full time with UGC/ CSIR/ DBT/ other research scheme scholarship
(c) Sponsored
(d) Part-time*

Candidates may apply at any time through the year. Admission is subject to vacancies available in the relevant specializations. Only those candidates shortlisted by the department/centre concerned, will be sent call letters for interviews.

* Part-time students are also required to undergo the pre-Ph.D coursework, which will include classes run between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm. During this period, it is recommended that employed candidates take leave from their jobs. During the research phase, these students will be free to work part-time on the research.

Pre Ph.D. course requirements:

In order to overcome any deficiency in the breadth of fundamental training or proper foundation for advanced work, special preliminary or pre-doctoral courses are offered by the University These courses will be offered either by faculty members or by guest faculty and specialists in the profession. Candidates having a B.Tech./M.Sc./M.A. or equivalent degree are required to complete a minimum of 10 course credits. M.Tech or equivalent degree holders are required to complete a minimum of 5 credits. Relaxation up to 6 credits (from 10 credits) in the course work can be considered for those with M.Phil. degree as well as those with B.Tech./M.Sc./M.A. or equivalent, provided they have a minimum of five years experience in the relevant field. The course requirement will be determined by the Department Research Committee/Centre Research Committee on the recommendations of the SRC (Student Research Committee) after due consideration of the background of the student in relation to the proposed topic of research. In addition to the above credit requirements, students are required to complete compulsory audit courses in communication skills and in statistics. They are also required to complete a compulsory credit course in Research Methods.

CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) requirements

The minimum CGPA requirement is 7.5. If the SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) at the end of 1st Semester is above 7.0 but less than 7.5, he/she will be asked to take more courses in order to make up the required CGPA. If the SGPA at the end of the first semester and CGPA at the end of any subsequent semester is below 7.0, he/she will have to discontinue the doctoral programme. The course work must be completed within the first three semesters of joining the programme.

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Time limit for Ph.D. Work:

(a) Candidates having a B.Tech./M.A./M.Sc. or equivalent degree are required to be registered for a period of not less than three years from the commencement of course work (date of registration). In exceptional cases the minimum period of registration may be reduced to two years with the approval of the Academic Council. The minimum period of registration for candidates having an M.Tech. or M.Phil equivalent degree is two years. The minimum period of registration for part-time students will be five years

(b)* A candidate is normally expected to submit his/her thesis within five years from the date of registration. This period may be extended by the Academic Council as a special case to a maximum of seven years after which the registration will stand cancelled.

(c) A full-time candidate may be allowed by the Chairman, Academic Council, to convert his/her registration into part-time registration only after completion of three years from initial registration or after submission of a synopsis, whichever is earlier.

(d) Full-time Ph.D. scholars with M.Tech. qualification can be permitted to convert their registration from full-time to part-time after one year or after completion of course work and comprehensive examination whichever is later, if they get employed in the University’s/ TERI’s sponsored projects.

(e) Full-time Ph.D. scholars in the Faculty of Applied Sciences with M.Sc. qualifications can be permitted to convert their registration from full-time to part-time after two years or after completion of course work and comprehensive examination, whichever is later, if they get employed in the University’s/TERI’s sponsored projects. Such conversion will be permissible only if the work is in the projects of the University/TERI and not for employment outside. This provision will also be applicable to Ph.D. scholars with a B.Tech. degree.

* This maximum time period for submission of thesis is under review and is likely to be revised downward, subject to approvals.

Contact the Faculty:

Email Address :

Phone Number : +91 11 71800222

Application Deadline – Admissions are open through the year. However, applications will be considered until 31 May and 31 October for admissions in the semesters commencing July and January each year.

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