AIIMS bans Microbiology Professor after Harassment Allegations
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AIIMS bans Microbiology Professor after Harassment Allegations

Following the reports and allegations against a microbiology professor at AIIMS, the institution has now stepped up and barred the aforementioned professor from undertaking any Ph.D. students for the next three years.A fifth-year student had attempted suicide which was thankfully thwarted, late last month, alleging harassment and abuse against the professor.

The 36-year-old Ph.D. student had allegedly tried to end his life by overdosing on drugs on March 25 owing to his superior’s mental harassment, abuse, and delay in his fellowship award. The incident had sent the students into a frenzy and a protest on the campus had ensued.

I have been under constant mental harassment and humiliation. She has time and again used filthy and abusive language in front of everyone. She scolds even when the work is done correctly. My mental harassment is aggravated as she is not able to procure appropriate facilities, funds in the lab and makes no attempt to get the things done…my fellowship is delayed and this puts me in the additional financial problem and mental burden,” as quoted by the victim in a note.

The institute’s director Dr. Randeep Guleria took cognizance following the unfortunate incident and

has now ordered a quick inquiry, following which a committee was set up under the institute’s dean. Additionally, all students pursuing a Ph.D. under the tainted professor have been asked to shift under other faculties; she is also banned from guiding other students for the next three years.

Editors Note: What do you think should be appropriate action to take to avoid such harassment cases. Reply in comments below and share your thoughts.

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  1. It is sad. But the government should think in this direction as not only the victim in this case but many research and graduate students suffer from such a mental harassment. Guides are for validation not for controlling students. Taking all the aspects into the consideration rules should be made. Due to such ill mental health the quality of research is also get affected. The research should be done with free mind.

  2. No, he must be terminated from job. Because these people don’t understand the worth of students life. PhD students are taken as slaves who would work them day and night and publish publish papers so that the guide himself can get promotion. But they forget that he is only guide not his/her father.

  3. Yes what you did is write such things we shouldn’t ignore fight for right

  4. It is horrible to hear this news, The guide should be punished severely.

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