Flipkart Founder Funds 3D Printed Human Liver Tissue Startup

Bengaluru-based biotechnology startup Pandorum Technologies has reportedly raised $3.2 million in its series A funding from Binny Bansal, Indian Angel Network (IAN) and other high net worth individuals (HNIs).

Founded in 2011 by Arun Chandru and Tuhin Bhowmick, the startup works on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

The startup has received Rs 7.9 crore ($1.2 million) of the Rs 21 crore and the remaining capital will come in tranches.

After successfully 3D printing human liver tissues which can be used for medical research, the startup is currently bio-engineering human cornea for implants. The biotech intends to use the funding to further scale up its operations, hire talent and deepen its research and development.

The tissues, made of human cells, would allow for inexpensive medical research with decreased reliance on animal and human trials, and could eventually be used for liver transplants.

The company believes their 3D bio-printed mini-livers that mimic the human liver will serve as reliable test platforms for discovery and development of drugs with better efficacy, less side effects and at lower costs.

This flagship product was developed in 2015 and can be used in medical research for drug metabolism

and disease modelling. The designed product can perform functions of a human liver tissue including detoxification, metabolism, and secretion of biochemicals such as albumin and cholesterol.

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