Biotech Memes – A Compilation of the Best Giggles from the Biosciences World

Since memes were a rage and still continue to be, here are a couple of them from the world of Science, to spread a little cheer post the New Years’ Blues! Here’s wishing everyone a Happy and Successful year ahead. We hope it brings a teeny tiny smile across your face and brightens your day.

  1. Please do inquire and get back, spread the word 😛


2. If only this was the method used to teach – I would’ve mastered the process in seconds 😉 

3. Plight of the cells … LOL !!

4. Hahaha, could you imagine? Brush up on your Biosciences guys

5. We can all relate… Still don’t know what I want to be either 😛


6. LOL… That should suffice 😀 


7. Yikes! :O 



8. Why does this sound oddly familiar ?! 😛


9. An oldie but a goodie – Why yes, this is simple math that I can get behind



10. Aww so cute, we can learn some tips from them



11. *Raises hand slowly* – LOL umm we’ve all had this discussion with our friends at some point


12. Oh a little old school T-Swift to ruin, I mean brighten your day. Come on now, sing with me. Weeee-ehhhhh are never ever ever getting back together 😛


13. Hehehe, so accurate



14. Story of my life – We can all definitely relate to this in the suitable circumstances !


15. Ah yes Sheldon – Bazinga !!!!!



16. LOL, if we only tried this stunt what would happen?! 🙂 



17. #LiterallyBiotech Memes - A Compilation of the Best Giggles from the Biosciences World



18. The child is correct actually, so bonus points for that : D



19. Truly Yours – Bond 007 !



20. Ah yes, last but not least, CHEMISTRY CAT Wishing all of you, a Very Happy & PHOSPHORUS New Year !!!

Biotech Memes - A Compilation of the Best Giggles from the Biosciences World

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