NovoCyte: High-Performance Flow Cytometer For Everyone

Perform your cellular analysis with access to innovative flow cytometry with NovoCyte

  • POWERFUL: up to 15 colors detection with enhanced sensitivity and resolution.
  • INTUITIVE: automated instrument maintenance functions and advanced data analysis capabilities for greater usability.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: 1 to 3 laser options, exchangeable filters, multiple sampling options, and flexible analysis formats.
  • DYNAMIC RANGE: 24-bit detection dynamic ranges with no need for PMT voltage adjustment
  • COUNT: accurate volumetric-based cell counting
  • COMPLETE WALK AWAY: pressure sensors to monitor fluidic status in real-time, and automatic cleaning and decontamination processes.
  • COMPENSATION: Automatic compensation, manual compensation, visual compensation tools available for pre/post/live acquisitions
  • HIGH THROUGHPUT : compatible with 12 x 75 mm tube, 1.5 & 2 mL tubes, “bullet” tubes in 96-pos. racks, 24-well, 48-well and 96-well microtiter plate.


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