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As you know Biotecnika is a pioneer in providing coaching and study materials for CSIR Life Sciences, our unmatched and unparalleled Success Record of 90% Results has won us many loyal fans.

As the days are nearing for the examination, we are starting Online All India test series program. It is the ultimate prep kit to prepare yourself for the upcoming exam.

It is unique & different as it not only tests your knowledge but also helps you evaluate your performance on a real time against other aspirant’s rank who take the test from all across the country.

To get you a reality check, we have introduced negative marking in the paper. Hence, if your answers are correct you will get +4 while every wrong answer will cost you a loss of 1 mark.

Introducing VideoNet:

Power of AIMNET Now clubbed with Video Solutions

Solving Questions is not a Smart work, Smartness is in analyzing where you went wrong and getting a Video Feedback on how to solve a question. In the VideoNet version of AIMNET Test Series, we have video Tutorials on how to solve each & every question.

The flow of VideoNet Tests:

  • You take the Regular AIMNET Test
  • You Submit your answers in a quiz mode with a Ticking Clock
  • At the end, you get correct answers of all Questions, your score and also Video solution by the teacher for every question of that AIMNET
  • You can not just analyze where you went wrong but also know how to solve the questions in which you marked wrong answers.

The pattern of Questions:

The Paper will be on lines of CSIR NET JRF New Pattern:

  1. Part A: 20 Question on General Aptitude
  2. Part B: 30 Questions on Part B
  3. Part C: 25 Questions on Part C

Test Schedule:

Date Test Code Topics       Fees         
3rd Sep 2017 AIMNET 0 All India Full Syllabus Test FREE
10th Sep 2017 AIMNET 1 Unit 1 Only with AIMNET Package
17th Sep 2017 AIMNET 2 Unit 2 Only with AIMNET Package
24th Sep 2017 AIMNET 3 Unit 3 Only with AIMNET Package
1st Oct 2017 AIMNET 4 Unit 4 Only with AIMNET Package
8th Oct 2017 AIMNET 5 Unit 5 Only with AIMNET Package
15th Oct 2017 AIMNET 6 Unit 6 Only with AIMNET Package
22nd Oct 2017 AIMNET 7 Unit 7 Only with AIMNET Package
29th Oct 2017 AIMNET 8 Unit 8 Only with AIMNET Package
5th Nov 2017 AIMNET 9 Unit 9 Only with AIMNET Package
12th Nov 2017 AIMNET 10 Unit 10 Only with AIMNET Package
19th Nov 2017 AIMNET 11 Unit 11 Only with AIMNET Package
26th Nov 2017 AIMNET 12 Unit 12 Only with AIMNET Package
3rd Dec 2017 AIMNET 13 Unit 13 Only with AIMNET Package
6th Dec 2017 AIMNET 14 Full Syllabus Test Only with AIMNET Package
10th Dec 2017  AIMNET 15 Full Syllabus Test Only with AIMNET Package


How to register for AIMNET Exams?

  • Every Sunday we will send Link for registration to all candidates
  • To Register you will have to follow the following steps:

Scenario 1:

If you are already a student of BioTecNika, Visit the Study Portal to attend the test for FREE

Scenario 2: (Recommended)

Buy Biotecnika Study material + Online e-learning Portal access and get:

  • AIMNET 2017 All India Online test series Absolutely Free.
  • NET JRF Pro Test series: Absolutely Free.
  • Academic Doubt Solving Via Phone, chat & email.
  • Video Classes: watch our Classroom Videos sitting at Home
  • Previous Year Question Papers & Mock Test papers
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Contact us in Chat or Phone: 080-6999-7000 / 1800-200-3757 for more details



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