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The Sanger Institute is a charitably funded research centre focused on understanding the role of genetics in health and disease. We use state of the art large-scale genomic approaches to drive world-leading projects to uncover the basis of genetic and infectious disease. Our goal is to provide results that can be translated into diagnostics, treatments or therapies that reduce global health burdens.

Salary Range: £24226 to £30537 pa depending on experience, plus excellent benefits

The Mouse Pipelines team, which forms part of the Scientific Operations programme at the Sanger Institute, forms an essential component of a larger effort at the Institute to identify genes that are critical for normal mammalian development and to generate animal models of human disease. As part of the Wellcome Trust strategic awards focusing on immunology and embryonic development, we are seeking a highly motivated individual to join the Mouse Molecular Technologies group.  The role includes determining the genotypes of mutant mice by PCR and real-time qPCR, characterization of mutant alleles and mice (created using targeted embryonic stem cells or CRISRP/Cas9 mutagenesis), and various secondary projects.

This position requires substantial experience in molecular biology and PCR, and will also offer the opportunity to gain additional skills within

the group.

This is a fixed term contract until 28th February 2018.

Essential Skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • BSc in Biological Science
  • Significant graduate experience in a laboratory environment, preferably in biological sciences
  • Experience of successful working in a multidisciplinary team
  • Understanding of the use of informatics and databases and their role in supporting scientific research
  • Familiar with standard computer software programs for molecular biology applications
  • Understanding of bioinformatics and genome sequence data (e.g. ENSEMBL)
  • Attention to detail, organizational skills and good record keeping
  • Ability to undertake basic trouble shooting and solve simple problems
  • Ability to deliver under tight timelines
  • Experience in a high-throughput environment

Ideal Skills:

  • The ability to successfully maintain multiple collaborative relationships
  • Experience with data entry and sample tracking

How to Apply:

Please include a covering letter and CV with your application. 

Closing date: 15th November 2016

Apply Online

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