DBT Calls for Proposal for Post Graduate Certificate and Diploma Program for Skill Development in Biotechnology

The Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology is seeking proposals from Universities/Institutions for starting certificate and Diploma Program in Biotechnology for Skill Development.

Objective: The objective of the program is to provide high quality hands-on training in
tools and techniques in areas of Medical Biotechnology, Agricultural Biotechnology and
Computational Biology for skill development.

Eligibility: As per concerned University/Institute norms

Selection of students: Through National Level Written Test

Role of DBT: DBT will provide financial support initially for three years

Who can apply: Central/State Universities/R&D Laboratories/Medical
Colleges/Hospital having facilities for teaching and training programs and
approved/recognized by statutory body can submit their proposals for financial support for
starting courses/ support to existing courses in following areas:

(A) Medical Biotechnology:

(i) Genetic Counselling with special emphasis on Prenatal and Postnatal Diagnosis.
(ii) Molecular Diagnosis with special emphasis on Infectious Diseases, Quality Control and Assurance.
(iii) Quality Control and Testing of Recombinant Drugs/Products and Biosimilars.
(iv) Bio-Preservation, Biobanking and Downstream Applications with special emphasis on Stem Cells/Cord Blood Cells Banking and Applications.
(v) Clinical Embryology with special emphasis on Micromanipulation Techniques (IVF and ICSI).

(B) Agriculture Biotechnology:

(i) Quality Assurance and Testing of Agricultural Products with special emphasis on Recombinant Seed Testing, Tissue Culture raised Plant Materials, Dairy, Poultry and Fish Products etc.

(C) Computational Biology:

(i) Analytical Methods and Quality Assurance in DNA/Protein Sequencing.
(ii) Applications of Computational Biology: Big Data Analytics and Management with emphasis on Health Care, Drug Discovery and Clinical Trials etc.

Submission of Proposal: 

Proposal for financial assistance for starting full time Post Graduate Certificate/ Diploma program in area of Medical Biotechnology/ Agricultural Biotechnology/ Computational Biology” courses should be submitted in enclosed DBT format (10 copies back-to-back print & soft cover page) forwarded through the Head of the Institution/University/R&D Laboratories/Medical College/Hospital.

Copies should be sent to:
Dr. Manoj Singh Rohilla
Department of Biotechnology
Block 2, 6th Floor, Room No. 613
CGO Complex, Lodi Road
New Delhi-110003

Review of Progress of Program: Overall progress of program will be monitored by in- house annual advisory committee comprising of outside experts from teaching institutions
and industries, course coordinators meeting and DBT-HRD Task Force.


  • Private college / private institutions are not eligible.
  • Preconditions to get financial support from the Department of Biotechnology for
    post-graduate “Certificate/Diploma courses in area of Medical Biotechnology/
    Agricultural Biotechnology /Computational Biology: University/Institution/R&D Laboratory/Hospital/Medical College should have minimum 4-5 core faculty/scientists dedicated for the proposed Biotechnology course for skill development. Out of these 4-5 core faculty, minimum two should be biotechnologist either by qualification or by research publications during last 5 years.
  • In addition to core faculty in coordinating department, there should be minimum two
    collaborating faculty from other departments.

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Application Deadline: 31st August 2016

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