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Scene 1:

New Delhi | 11th May 2050

Today 2 Terrorist Organizations attacked the Out Skirts of the National Capital with Mutagenic Influenza Virus and as a result 2 Million people has been reported to be affected to this Bio-terrorism disaster. The BT Sqad of National Disaster Recovery Force has been activated and reached the affected areas, However it has expressed its inability to control this disaster. 477380a-i4.0There are huge turn outs of people reaching hospitals and clinic and are reporting high fever, vomiting accompanied with other dangerous symptoms. So far 589 people have died within 1 hour of the attack as per government records. The region has been cut off from the rest of the country to avoid this Bio Disaster from spreading. The United States, United Nations and Russia has rushed help to support New Delhi in this hour of need, However looking at the scale of the Bio Disaster, Its highly unlikely that Government will be able to contain this infection within time.

Scene 2 :

New Delhi | 11th May 2016

Well That was just a News Excerpt from Future News Paper and looks like Government of 2016 has also seen this coming.

Today an announcement by Government of India to set up 160 Labs Pan India to address this issue of future. This network of 160 labs which India is building, is being funded through the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR).

“As per plans, 160 labs will come up in a three-tier national network of Viral Research & Diagnostic Laboratories (VRDLs) for timely identification of viruses and other agents causing morbidity significant at public health level and specifically agents causing epidemics and/or potential agents for bio-terrorism,” a document from the ministry of health research reads.

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And Software Engineers are going to work in these Labs, testing and pro actively preventing such out breaks.

Ohh Sorry, Did i just write Software Engineers ? Programmers ? Coders ? I am little confused.

I think it should read like this:

And Bio Scientists are going to work in these labs, Testing and Pro Actively preventing such outbreaks.

The Future has just begun, But My Life Science colleagues are not ready yet. They think there is no scope in this field and No Jobs. Wait a Minute Did i miss that last Vacancy from DRDO ? Ah that is what is happening to most of us.

Who had seen the “Odd Even rule” due to pollution coming in ? The Future will have bigger problems and more Bio Professionals will be needed to solve Hunger & Food Scarcity due to Population explosion, Bio-terrorism, Pollution and many other issues which will be a threat to Mankind.

Charles Darwin Once said : Its not the Strongest of Species which will survive and not the Smartest, But the One adaptive to change.

The Human Race of Future will be smart for sure ( Read Smart Phones in Hands ) But it can only adapt if we have More Bio Professionals who can support us in adapting to the changing environment and global Geo Political Scenario.

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Not Convinced yet ? Here’s an open challenge. Give a Proof that there is no Future in Biotech & Life Science Industry, and i bet i have an answer for it.

Post your comments below and i will personally respond to each one of you.

Biotech & Life Science Industry will be the future Saviour of Mankind !! But the BT Professionals must be trained & Ready to face the Future !!

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  1. Hello Sir, you said that there is scope in the biotech industry but for that you also mentioned we need trained biotech professionals. Sir if you dont mind can you elaborate specifically what kind of training are you talking about?

  2. thanq sir, if really give such a wonderful oppuritunity for life science students. They respect theirselves for studying the biology. i am venkatesh phd doing……….

      • @kallol sir
        I was unable to crack the entrance exam for training in BCIL can you please suggest me other training program that will be helpful to me in future .

        • Hi Swati, Don’t call me sir please.
          You can try for BTFS(Biotechnology Finishing School) Program. It is a Govt. of Karnataka program.

  3. I agree to it but what about the job? are college recent grads getting jobs are freshers allowed to learn new things if someone is coming from a PhD background and who did masters degree and also payed a lot of money for getting a degree and after that also you are referring that get a training why a fresher unable to get job i want the best answer not the usual one are companies willing to take freshers? I guess no if also they are offered a role what are they getting just a single penny wasted lakhs and tonnes of money in education and not getting a single penny where’s the future then?
    Apologies for being rude but this is the only mean where me and every single person like me can put out words because no one bothers in giving a job to a fresher we can’t decide the future like this because you never know what can happen in the coming time

  4. Even companies take experienced people where there’s an opening for freshers also how can we judge a person without his or her working knowledge allow freshers to perform give them roles then only we can say yes the future is bright for a biotechnology professional

    Thanks for sharing this article if this is the future then we have to plan BIOTECHNOLOGISTS present


  5. SC ST are preferred over general in every aspects why NET is required what NET will give us nothing. Was Kiran Majoomdar a NET cleared professional no she was not but she made a company on her own bring and make freshers caliber of performing tasks give freshers a scope to grow don’t just restrict everyone to NET NET will not make us land anywhere well yeah its good to have NET qualification but practical training proper enhancement of skills will make Biotechnologists capable of fighting this terrorism and giving a world new transformation. In US even a fresh graduate gets a job in not in large scale industries but yeah certainly in small scale industries why in India a fresher is not getting a good job why always there’s a requirement of money everyone cant pay but it doesn’t mean that that person is not caliber of performing a given task get the talent out of a recent grad then the world will see a bright future. That’s all i wanted to share please do not take it in a wrong manner.


    Dear seniors you are the guidance and guru to us

    • Dear Vaibhav,

      Courage matters !! Its not about NET or Non NET, Its about achieveing your Career Goal. Hope this answers your query

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