Google’s New Intra-Ocular Device : The Injectable Lens

Keeping in mind that these days competition among technology is getting fiercer, this doesn’t seem as out there. According to a rather squirm-inducing report, Google filed a patent for an electronic device. Rather than wearing the new device, it would be injected directly into the user’s eyeball. The patent filing states the “intra-ocular device” includes an electronic lens that is injected within a fluid which solidifies after application.  Here, the tendency for new media companies to rise to the top is often characterized as a fight for eyeballs. It seems Google is taking the challenge rather literally though.

The electronic devices then attaches to the eye’s lens capsule, the membrane that keeps the eyeball under tension. The details get rather gory after that. The eyeball device apparently includes various sensors, a radio transceiver, a battery and a storage component, in addition to the lens itself.

That all adds up to what is essentially an eyeball computer. An external device is designed to interface with the lens apparatus through radio signals, with the external device doing the necessary computational duties. There’s also an “energy-harvesting antenna.” With regards to what the eyeball computer actually

does is, according to the patent abstract, is “restore a degree of accommodation to the eye that is related to existing mechanisms for controlling such accommodation, i.e., forces exerted by the eye via the lens capsule.”

Yeah, I can’t decode that either, but according to sources the device would essentially assist in the process of focusing light into the eye’s retina. The whole endeavor appears to be a way of correcting poor vision. The temptation is to joke that Google just invented the contact lens, but there must be more to it than that.

Vennila Arivoli
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