Go Natural : “Natural Products Have Immense Potential As Drugs”

According to a press release issued by School of Life Sciences (SOLS), a constituent of Manipal University, there were talks on the scientific potential of natural products and biotechnology.

The chief guest, Ram Vishwakarma, director, CSIR-Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Jammu present on the 10th Annual Day of the School of Life Sciences (SOLS) pointed out the immense potential of natural products as drugs.

He explained how more than half the drugs in the market have roots in natural products.

Dr. Vishwakarma gave examples of such compounds and urged students and researchers to focus on discovery of such natural products and small molecules.

In his speech, Narendra Chirmule, senior vice-president, Biocon Ltd., Bengaluru, focused on innovations in the field of biotechnology.

Narayana Sabhahit, registrar of Manipal University, Helmut Brand and Angela Brand of Maastricht University, The Netherlands, K. Satyamoorthy, director of SOLS, and Aditya Sethi, president, students’ council, SOLS, were present.

Prapti Shah Gandhi
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