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Its Official, Whether you are reading this article from anywhere in the country, Not Just Bangalore but many MEGA CITIES will fall apart by 2020, much before we could even touch the league of Developed Countries.

so virtually we are talking about the biggest aftermath of Urban unplanned growth: A Disaster in Waiting ?

How & Why it will die ?

An exploding Population needs the supply of Food, Water, Medicines at the same rate. As per a survey from the Public Research Institute 70% of Bangalore is drinking water contaminated with E.coli. Thanks to the Lakes turning into Sewage Tanks. Once a Land of 1000 Lakes has turned into a concrete jungle and according to an estimate reviving a lake would cost the govt in 100’s of crores of taxpayers Money. Thanks to its haphazard unplanned growth, today travelling from anywhere in Bangalore to and fro means one has to spare 3+ hours in just travelling.

A study conducted by V Balasubramanian, former additional chief secretary of Karnataka, has sounded a warning bell for Bengaluru:

If the current rate of groundwater UTILIZATION continues, there will be a major crisis by 2025 when people may have to be evacuated.

By 2023, the Govt will have to either evacuate half of Bangalore or embrace itself for a pandemic of pandemonium proportions.

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A Lesson from History:

When water vanished from Fatehpur Sikri, leaving nothing for his people, horses and camel, Mughal emperor Akbar left the city lock stock and barrel for Agra in 1585. Aren’t we heading the saw way ?

The Awakening:

While IT & BT Giants are coming forward to save the lakes and Govt is enforcing laws to make it mandatory to conserve Rain water, the People of this heaven would have to extend their helping hand to ensure we are once again known as the Garden City of India

An Opportunity for Budding Entrepreneurs:

If you are some one who is willing to take a plunge, here exists an ever growing problem of Waste Management, Water conservation, reducing Green Cover and many more.

W H Auden, an Anglo American poet, once said

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.”

We as a Country are sitting on a ticking bomb of water shortage. We are developing, Urbanization is increasing but at cost of what? Life may be. Awareness is the need of the hour. Saving planet, advancing economic growth are important but we must also create a balance between climate change, water scarcity, and health issues. Water conservation should be made a habit.

Save water, Save life.

If you love your Mega City, No matter Bangalore or any other , comment below with what you think should be done to resolve this problem. 

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  1. I think unscientific studies on environment and data based on mere guess work must be discouraged. Comparing to what happened in the year 1585 is unscientific and foolish. But I agree with the fact that the city planning is rotten. The planning has to be done by experts with good scientific data and I am sure none of the corporation bureaucrats are competent enough to do this and neither most politicians have the vision or the will power to do this. I guess we are paying the price for growth which is sad.

    • While comparing to an event which happened in 1585 might look absurd but this also underlines the fact that if 1585 with 0% urbanization can face this , then now its very much possible. We should use our scientific might to circumvent this issue. I totally agree with your point however if this is the price we have to pay for growth then why other mega cities abroad not facing such a threat ? We need to save our cities before we are forced to step back on our growth agenda .

  2. i dont want to comment on what has happened long back, but it true that the water table is drastically reducing down whether Bangalore, Nagpur or other cities. LEaving behind the role of Industrialist, Politician or an Educationist, we need to think how an individual can contribute to this cause before its too late. We are habituated of taking steps on time of crisis but its time to think, plan and act before it actually happens.

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