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Murder Most Foul – Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines Missing or Dead

It’s been an intense – and frightening – few months for those invested in alternative methods of helping others heal themselves. In this short time period, five natural health doctors have either mysteriously died or been intentionally killed, and another five have also gone missing under unexplained circumstances.

Recently, reports were made on the epidemic of doctors being killed, the majority of which were in Florida, USA. The scientists all discussed a typical trait; they had all uncovered a plot that suggested that the enzyme Nagalase enzyme was being included in injections, specifically in vaccines.

Nagalase is an extracellular matrix-degrading enzyme that is secreted by cancerous cells in the process of tumor invasion. It is also an intrinsic component of the envelope protein of various virions, such as HIV and the influenza virus. Nagalese is exactly what stops vitamin D from being generated in the body, which is the body’s primary defense to naturally kill cancer cells. Additionally, this protein is found in extremely high concentrations in autistic youngsters and is known to trigger Type 2 Diabetes mellitus.

Reports from ground zero suggest that these assassinations were not because the doctors in question were treating cancer, or that they were effectively treating autism using alternative methods, but rather because they had been researching nagalese and had found evidence that the enzyme was being used in vaccines to trigger dormant cancer cells and incite autism. In fact, the doctors were about ready to go public with their findings when disaster had struck.

Dr Ted Broer, one of the surviving researchers, presented his evidence on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report. The normally 3 hour show apparently experienced several technical difficulties before he was able to go on air for just an hour. While the first thing Dr. Broer claimed was that her was in no way suicidal, he did express his worry on not being able to go public with his findings.

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