MSc by Research in Translational Neuroscience at MIRM, Manipal Institute of Regenerative Medicine New

MSc by Research in Translational Neuroscience at MIRM, Manipal Institute of Regenerative Medicine

This innovative program offers a unique blend of theoretical learning and hands-on research opportunities in neuroscience. Through a comprehensive curriculum spanning cell biology, molecular techniques, and neuroscience applications, students delve into cutting-edge research projects, leading to conference presentations and publications. Career prospects include roles in pharmaceutical companies, research centers, academia, entrepreneurship, and clinical settings.

Application Deadline: 30th June 2024


Course Description: M.Sc. By Research in Translational Neuroscience is first of its kind. First semester is designed to have theory and practical sessions wherein students will understand the fundamentals of cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, CNS diseases, application of stem cells and tissue engineering in neuroscience and various techniques. Semester II-IV will be research project based wherein the students will be working on neuroscience projects leading to conference presentations and publications in peer-reviewed national/international journals.

Focus of the program:

  • To educate students about the fundamentals of neuroscience and its clinical applications
  • To provide hands-on training in various molecular techniques including neuroscience techniques
  • To encourage students in neuroscience research and to develop novel diagnostics and treatment strategies for neurological/psychiatric illnesses and neurodegenerative diseases
  • To develop communication skills for paper/project presentations and publications
  • To develop in-depth knowledge on bioethics, clinical trials, animal ethics, recombinant DNA technology, genetic engineering, animals handling, intellectual property rights, biosafety and research and publication integrity

Career Prospectus:

  • As neuroscientist in pharma companies involved in novel drug development for neurological/psychiatric/neurodegenerative diseases
  • As a research scholar in national and international research centers/universities working towards Ph.D. and Post-doctoral fellowships
  • As entrepreneurs to start companies involved in drug development, screening, and patenting
  • As clinical neuro-technicians assisting doctors, psychologist in developing neuro-feedback therapies for neurological/psychiatric/neurodegenerative diseases
  • As a professor/lecturer/teacher in reputed universities
  • As a scientific journal editor and scientific writing
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