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Bioinformatics Summer Internship 2024 With Hands-On-Training + Project / Dissertation - 30 Days, 3 Months & 6 Months Duration

Manipal Institute of Regenerative Medicine (MIRM) Msc Admissions  2024 – Admissions Open For MSc in Stem Cell Technology and Regenerative Biology Flagship Program at MIMRM Mahe Manipal, Bangalore Campus

Asia’s first Masters program in Stem Cell Technology and Regenerative Biology

“Crafting Tomorrow’s Cures Through Excellence in Stem Cell Research & Education”

The top 10% performers, specialty-wise, will be eligible for full-time PhD admissions under the Dr. TMA Pai Scholarship. Entrance test requirements are waived for these top performers.

EXCLUSIVE: Includes one year of exhaustive research project unlike any other Institute

We have a track record of facilitating successful placements for approximately 90 percent of our students in previous years, showcasing our strong commitment to providing effective placement assistance.

The Manipal Institute of Regenerative Medicine (MIRM) is currently accepting admissions for its MSc program in Stem Cell Technology and Regenerative Biology for the year 2024. The program stands out by offering an exclusive one-year exhaustive research project, distinguishing it from other institutes.

A unique interdisciplinary program integrating the understanding of developmental biology, neurobiology, tissue engineering, immunology, material sciences, and cutting-edge gene editing technologies with molecular understanding of chronic debilitating degenerative diseases.

The MSc degree in Stem Cell Technology and Regenerative Biology is offered by the Manipal Institute of Regenerative Medicine, MAHE Bangalore Campus.

Scope: Stem cell technology and regenerative biology have transformative potential in medicine, offering solutions for tissue regeneration, organ transplants, Drug discovery using human organotypic models, and human disease modeling in a dish. Beyond healthcare, they impact biotechnology and cosmetic medicine with applications such as cultured meat. Despite the promise, ethical considerations and technical challenges, including immunological compatibility, demand ongoing attention. The ongoing evolution of these fields promises groundbreaking advancements across various domains.

Duration: 2 years

Highlights of the course:

Highlights of the Course:

  • Hands-on practical Training in stem cell technologies
  • Interactive research integrated learning modules
  • Mentored one year of Project work
  • Flexibility with Electives
  • Placement Guidance
  • Research Publications from
  • Master student Project work.
  • Industry-relevant skill sets

Modular Course Curriculum

  • Clinical and Non-Clinical
  • Applications of stem cells
  • Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
  • Embryonic development and differentiation
  • Architecture of Cells, Tissues and Organs
  • Intercellular communication in stem cell niches
  • Biomolecules
  • Research methodologies and project management

Curriculum Add-ons: Msc Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology Admissions

  • Guest lecturers from national and international faculty and conferences
  • Six months Mini Project and Six months Project Work
  • Flexible elective options during mini projects allow choice to pursue specific research interests
  • Exposure to different lab atmosphere
  • Workshops on experience in hands-on stem cell techniques.

Faculty Research Expertise

  • Developmental Biology
  • Cancer Biology
  • Chronic
  • metabolic/degenerative diseases
  • Immunology
  • Cell Biology
  • Genome Engineering
  • Material Sciences
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Neurobiology


  • The program is conducted over four semesters, and the 1st and 2nd semesters include classroom teaching and practical classes with four modules in each semester.
  • The first semester will broadly cover fundamental biology along with a brief introduction to stem cells.
  • The second semester will emphasize different aspects of stem cells, including tissue-specific stem cells, tissue engineering, and therapeutic application of stem cells.
  • Over the next two semesters, students will opt for mini (3rd semester) and major projects (4th semester), where the student will be mentored individually by a faculty throughout the semester.
  • Students will gain in-depth practical knowledge of the biology of stem cells and their differentiation potential.


  • After obtaining a Master’s degree, students can register for a Ph.D. program, and our students are sought after by Top Companies & premier institutes, Stempeutics, Johnson & Johnson Invitrogen, and GE Healthcare, inStem, IISc, JNCASR, NCBS, and abroad universities for their research programs.
  • Pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies, hospitals, or clinical applications.

Duration: 2 years

Who is eligible for this course?

B.Sc. in any branch of life Sciences and health Sciences, B. Pharm., B.V.Sc, B. Pharm, Allied Health Professionals, MBBS, BDS, BPT, BE (Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering) from a recognized University with a 60% Aggregate marks or CGPA.


Important Links:

Last Date to apply – 15th March 2024

Course Commencement : AUGUST 2024 @ Manipal Institute of Regenerative Medicine MAHE-BL



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Msc Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology Admissions at Manipal Institute of Regenerative Medicine (MIRM)

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