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Unilever R&D Biology Data Scientist Recruitment – Apply Online

Unilever R&D Biology Data Scientist Recruitment – Apply Online. MSc Computational Biology candidates are encouraged to apply for the Asst. Manager, Data Scientist – Biology vacancy that is available at Unilever. Interested and eligible applicants check out all of the details on the same below:

Unilever Research Vacancy Details

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Name of the Post: Asst. Manager, Data Scientist – Biology

Req ID: R-03635

Location: 64 Main Road, Whitefield P O, RESEARCH C, Bangalore- 560 066, Karnataka, India.

Employment Type: Regular

Division: Research/Development

We are trying to find a Data Scientist that will support our Product Innovation and also Science & Technology teams in R&D with insights gained from analyzing data. The ideal applicant is adept at making use of large biology data sets to find functional insights of various biological processes. The applicant needs to also apply the analytics for product and also process optimization and also use models to test the effectiveness of different courses of action. Should have a strong background in analyzing omics datasets using appropriate tools and also databases for human biology and also microbiome. Experience utilizing a variety of data mining/data analysis methods, utilizing a variety of data tools, building and also implementing models, using/creating algorithms and creating/running simulations. They must be comfortable working with a wide range of stakeholders and functional teams. The ideal applicant will have a passion for discovering solutions hidden in large data sets and also working with stakeholders to enhance business outcomes.

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Job Responsibilities:

  • Engagement as well as collaboration with globally deployed, multi-disciplinary teams to design as well as implement efficient, well-focused, statistically fit-for-purpose studies, analyse, visualize and interpret data, build as well as validate predictive models and simulations
  • Work primarily with Biology teams to design experiments, carry out in-silico biology data analysis such as RNAseq, microarray etc. Ought to have a working knowledge of cheminformatics, microbiomics studies and likewise network biology.
  • Build mathematical and also statistical models for biological and also various other experimental processes. Implementation of machine learning as well as artificial intelligence techniques. Relevant experience in Big Data technologies will be a plus
  • Need to likewise work in interdisciplinary teams that will include product formulators, process/packaging engineers, clinicians, measurement scientists, bio-informaticians, claim experts, and other data scientists, both internal to Unilever and also outside partners.
  • Duty for the quality and defensibility of analyses, models and also data analysis. Coordinate with different functional teams to implement models and also monitor outcomes.
  • The applicant needs to have the ability to interact with the analytical results and also insights effectively with the program manager and also senior management.


The candidate ought to have a Master’s Degree as well as experience in Computational Biology/ Data Science or equivalent. Experience in FMCG/Retail/Pharmaceutical industries is a plus.

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Technical Skills:

  • Technical depth, operational breadth and also demonstrated fluency in applying bioinformatics for scientific research.
  • In-depth experience in analyzing Microarray, RNA-seq data, 16s RNA as well as WGS analysis.
  • Knowledge of systems-level functional analysis of biological data.
  • Comprehending of network science as well as usage of networks analysis and visualization tools as well as databases.
  • Working knowledge of Machine learning algorithms and methods.
  • Programs abilities: Python or R (High proficiency required). Experience developing R-Shiny applications and also working knowledge of Power BI is beneficial but not compulsory.
  • Strong scientific written and communication abilities.


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