Syngene Vacancy
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Syngene Vacancy – Research Investigator Post Available

Syngene Vacancy – Research Investigator Post Available. Syngene Life Science Vacancy – Research Investigator Post Available. Research Investigator vacancy for msc life and biological sciences candidates. Check the details on the positions available, the job description, the key responsibilities, work experience, functional experience all below:

Designation: Research Investigator

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Job ID: 5376

Role Purpose:

Syngene is seeking an outstanding scientist with a strong background in immunology/ Immuno-Oncology to join our biology team. The successful candidate will have a deep understanding of cellular immunology and/or Immuno-Oncology with extensive laboratory experience with the cell culture, phenotyping of immune cells based on surface and intracellular markers and functional characterization of human and/or mouse T cells, B cells, NK cells and other immune cell subsets in the context of Immuno-Oncology.

Job Description:

  • Strong experience in immune cell (human and/or mouse) phenotyping, cell-based assay development for T cell, B cell, NK cells, Macrophage and other Immune cells.
  • Hands-on experience with Immune and tumour cell co-culture studies, functional assays, cell death analysis.
  • Experience at multicolour Flow cytometry-based immune cell identification, Data analysis by flow, Immune cell isolation by FACS-sorting (FACS ARIA, Beckman Coulter etc).
  • Cell proliferation assays, Cytokine quantification (secreted and intracellular cytokines), cell cycle analysis, cell death analysis.
  • Experience at Transfection and /or Transduction of human T and/or B cells.
  • Experience at culturing and expansion of human T cells.
  • Isolation of TILs and their ex vivo phenotypic and functional characterization will be an advantage
  • Excellent data compilation skills, documentation and communication of compiled data
  • Interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively in a team environment are essential.
  • Excellent leadership and management skill are necessary to mentor and develop junior members in the group.
  • A record of accomplishment, as demonstrated by publications is required.
  • General ability to thrive in a growing infrastructure and culture and critical thinking when troubleshooting and problem-solving.
  • Ability to build a small team and manage the daily activities of the immuno-oncology assay group
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