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Syngene MSc & MTech Biotechnology Research Associate Job

MSc & MTech Biotechnology candidates apply for a position which can be applied online. Syngene is hiring candidates for a Sr. Research Associate post. Check the details on the positions available, the job description, the key responsibilities, work experience, functional experience all below:

Designation: Sr. Research Associate

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Job ID: 5642

Educational Qualification and Experience:

M.Sc/ M.Tech (Biotechnology) with 3-7 year’s experience.


Upstream process development of recombinant protein expression.

Job Description:

  • To perform media & buffer prep., seed generation and assistance activities for fermentation and Harvest.
  • To perform in-process examinations to keep an eye on procedure performance.
  • To perform the Installation and upkeep of equipment in the lab.
  • To specify requisitions and maintain research laboratory materials needed for laboratory activities.
  • To preserve the lab sanitation.
  • To finish proper documentation of job performed in research laboratory notebooks and SAP.
  • To comprehend the statistical tools such as Design Expert/JMP.
  • Have experience with shake flasks and lab. bioreactors ranging from 1-10L range (Mammalian cell society).


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