Syngene IPQA Biologics Posts
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Syngene IPQA Biologics Posts, Quality Assurance Vacancies

Biological/Life Science candidates apply for a position which can be applied online. Syngene is hiring candidates for a Senior Executive Biologics post. Check the details on the positions available, the job description, the key responsibilities, work experience, functional experience all below:

Designation: Senior Executive Biologics

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Job ID: 4968

Department: Quality Assurance

Area: IPQA_Biologics

Responsibility Summary:

Responsible for Biologics manufacturing plant IPQA activities.

  • Review of operational SOPs relating to BU function.
  • Review of procedure validation, cleaning validation and hold time protocols and reports.
  • Line clearance for the batch to batch and product to product change over in different shifts
  • Ensure the daily facility rounds, in-process activities, upkeep of facility and shifts.
  • Review of facility, process and EHS risk assessment
  • Issuance of logbooks and annexures for execution.
  • Review of executed logbooks and annexures.
  • Swab/rinse sampling of devices for previous product and detergent residues.
  • In-process and semi-finished goods sampling for QC analysis.
  • Supporting in equipment and HVAC qualification activities and audits.
  • Review of Qualification and validation documents of equipment and utilities.
  • Archiving of Biologics manufacturing facility documents and preserving a tracker for the very same.
  • Review of master batch records (BMR/BPR/PDR).
  • Batch failure and deviation investigations.


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