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Freshers Job PI Industries – Research Assistant Biology

BSc Zoology/Microbiology/Biology/Botany jobs for candidates at PI Industries. Research Assistant biology jobs for bsc biology/microbiology/botany candidates at PI Industries. PI Industries is hiring bsc microbiology and zoology candidates for a research post as per the details on the same below:

Post Name: Research Assistant – Biology

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ID: 3044

Location: India – Udaipur

Purpose of Position:

The Position is to encourage researchers in conducting biology experiments/ trials by preparing the planting material in greenhouse & pre-trail preparations in Laboratory & Greenhouse. Technicians can also help research scientists in making applications & other laboratory activities.

Operational Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining attendance record of lab/greenhouse workers, assign work and provide updates regularly
  • Planning daily to day work according to the necessity
  • Routine management of lab culture /nursery with critical observations, findings and updates to supervisor
  • Maintain all nursery area disease & insect free and guarantee all seedling are delivered for compound testing free from insect infestation & disease infection
  • Maintain all lab area contamination free
  • Support in maintaining a record of stores; all seed material with delivery date/ sowing date, transplanting delivery & date for compound testing
  • Provide an advance plan for the purchase of materials needed in stores
  • Follow best practices for maintenance of best condition in greenhouse/laboratory
  • Timely collection of hazardous waste, packaging inside chamber & autoclaving
  • Keep all record for hazardous waste management
  • Ensure quality standards and health safety of greenhouse nursery
  • Deliver Media, reagents etc. in time to Research Scientists
  • Support research scientists at the application of compounds and conducting experiments
  • Act as a committed ambassador of PI Brand
  • Remain at the cutting edge of knowledge required for the new a.i. detection activity in crop protection via constant updating of personal knowledge and own skill-sets
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Education Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree in biology preferably in Zoology / Microbiology / agriculture / Botany

Work Experience

  • 0 -2 years’ expertise in greenhouse nursery/ handling lab equipment.

Industry to be Hired from:

University /agriculture/ crop protection.

Functional Competencies:

  • Understanding of microbiology/ agriculture & horticulture
  • Awareness of Biology and Greenhouse
  • MS Office Skills

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