ICMR Adjunct Faculty Scheme
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ICMR Adjunct Faculty Scheme 2019 – Rs. 1 Lakh pm Salary

ICMR Adjunct Faculty Scheme 2019 announcement has been made. Interested and eligible candidates are requested to check out all of the details regarding the scheme below:



The ICMR is funding biomedical research both through intramural as well as extramural
mode. The scientists both at the ICMR Hqrs and its nationwide network of 26 institutes are
coordinating and carrying out these research activities. During their career, the scientists have excelled in the area of their expertise and are updated by interacting with scientists from other organisations both national and international. In order to appraise our scientists about the activities and the latest practises being undertaken at academic institutions it is desirable that the faculty from medical/academic institutions like medical colleges, universities and other institutions are given opportunity to spend some time at ICMR Hqrs and Institutes to get acquainted with the research being carried out and will also provide them insight into our research efforts being carried out and the trends. At the same time, ICMR scientists will be exposed to academic knowledge by regular interactions with faculty from these academic institutions. This will create a knowledge source both for the coming faculty as well as our own scientists which will result in joint proposals for research. This will be a very useful pathway for research flowing to academic institutions and the academic needs resulting in research initiatives.

Additionally, the Scheme would also enable NRVPIO and foreign nationals with strong
Indian collaboration from the overseas scientific community to participate and contribute to biomedical research in India. The Adjunct Faculty will undertake research in the field of biomedical research and ICMR priority areas of the nation where the capacity building needs to be strengthened.

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It is proposed that the Adjunct Faculties under this scheme i.e. ICMR scientists/ scientists of leading specialists from non ICMR organisations in India as well as the faculty from academic institutions in India and abroad as described above may be allowed to spend up to three months at a time in a calendar year and extendable for another one/two terms as the case may be.


The major objectives of the Adjunct Faculty scheme are:

  1. To develop and promote strong collaboration among ICMR institutes medical/academic/scientific institutions/universities.
  2. To promote cutting edge research in the country.
  3. To promote trans-disciplinary approach and synergize the outside ‘real world’ experience with the inside intellectual pursuits ofICMR-Hqrs and ICMR institutes.


Roles and Responsibility:

  • Assist in conducting cutting edge research and overcoming barriers faced by the institute and becoming globally competitive.
  • MoU to be signed before initiating the Scheme
  • Teach courses directly related to his/her specific expertise and professional experience or areas of specialization.
  • An Adjunct Faculty member may serve as co-adviser for Masters/PhD thesis along with a permanent faculty member of the host institute.
  • And/or any other academic responsibility is given by Head of Division/Institution/ DG, ICMR

Duration: Three months at a time in a calendar year, extendable for another one term/two terms as per recommendation of the Head of the Division/Director of Institute/Centre or as by the Competent Authority of ICMR on mutually agreed terms and conditions. However, minimum period of one month is compulsory.

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Number: Twenty slots to begin with and can be modified on the success of the proposal.

Remuneration: A lump-sum amount of Rs 1, 00,000/- pm will be granted as remuneration to the outside faculty coming from academic/similar institutions as described above. For persons employed in foreign institutions: One time contingency grant of Rs 100,000/- to meet the expenses of local transport charges, visa fee, and health insurance, attending meetings etc. and, Rs 20,0001- for attending meetings in India. The scientist of ICMR going to academic institutions under this Scheme can get remuneration as per the norms of their host institute.

Accommodation & travel: Free accommodation, wherever ICMR guest house facility is available will be given. Air fare will be provided from their place to ICMR Institute as required and also to be given on completion of the tenure. Travel fare within India for meetings etc. will be also given.

Evaluation: At the end of the tenure, a complete report will be submitted by the Adjunct Faculty to the host institute with a copy to ICMR-Hqrs. Based on the performance, the Adjunct Faculty may be recommended for continuation/ renewal or termination. All the publications, patents, awards etc. will be shared equally by the Adjunct Faculty and Scientist at ICMR Institute/Centre.


Target Groups:

Medical Professionals, Scientists, Doctors and Researchers in service or retired from national and international agencies / Universities/Institutes.

Engagement Modalities:

For Collaborative Research at ICMR institutes.
It is expected that the Adjunct Faculty would be an accomplished scholar in his/her area of specialization and his/her association would add value to the scientific programmes, he/she is associated with.

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Selection Criteria:

A Professor/ Scientist who wants to be Adjunct Faculty has to submit an application specifying their request for placement in a particular Institute of ICMR (total 26 at present) and his/her role. An acceptance letter is required from both the organizations i.e. from where the Adjunct Faculty is working and the place where he would like to give his/her services. After receiving the application on a recommendation through the Director/Director-in-Charge of ICMR Institute through Head of the concerned Technical Division in the ICMR Hqrs, the Director-General, ICMR will grant the status of Adjunct Faculty.


Announcement for the Scheme will be uploaded on ICMR website. The NRI faculty, if selected should get necessary permission/approval from his/her institution to work as ICMR-Adjunct Faculty in India for the specified period, if selected. Proposals for appointment as ‘Faculty’ should be sent to Directors of the respective ICMR Institute/Centres, who will forward the application, along with a specific justification for the particular appointment to the Heads of Technical Division at ICMR Hqrs. The recommendation of the Heads of the Technical Divisions from ICMR Hqrs and the
Director/ Director-in-Charge would be required for consideration of such Adjunct Faculty and the final decision in this regard would be at the level of Secretary DHR and Director-General, ICMR.

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