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GE Healthcare Life Science Jobs 2019 – MSc Candidates Eligible

GE Healthcare Lead Engineer Jobs. MSc Life Sciences candidates are eligible to apply online for a Research Vacancy at GE Healthcare. GE Healthcare latest life science openings 2019. Lead Engineer jobs 2019 at GE Healthcare. Latest MSc jobs. Check out all of the details below:

Name of the Job: Lead Engineer 1 – Product Definition

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Job ID: 3325198

Location(s): India; Bengaluru

Role Summary:

They prove a concept to be valid by the application of engineering and scientific methodologies. Their work normally has the aim of demonstrating through test or analyses the performance and implementation potential of a concept. Positions requiring comprehension of the concepts, methods and procedures (technical Bachelor’s Degree).

Essential Responsibilities:

Conceptual, theoretical and practical activities that address the study/research and application of biochemistry to develop new products and technologies. Executes routine analyses using tested methods and technology and/or leads to technological improvements in teams under supervision. Works together with people from the business unit. Contacts are under the guidance and/or geared towards giving or collecting technical info. Works within a team setting and/or under guidance. Alternatively: executing routine but complex analysis.

Qualifications/Requirements: MS in Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or related field.

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Desired Characteristics: CustomerUnderstanding of how to structure a Product BoM from both commercial and configuration Perspective. Must have an understanding of the manufacturing procedure followed in the industry.


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