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IISER Mohali Research Assistants & Volunteer Field Internship Positions

MSc candidates are encouraged to apply for Research Assistants and Volunteer Field Internship Positions at IISER Mohali. Research Assistants and Volunteer Field Internship Positions vacancies for msc candidates. Internship IISER Mohali is recruiting msc zoology candidates as per the details given below:

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Research Assistants and Volunteer Field Internship Positions

Position Description:

We’re looking for three research assistants (compensated ) and volunteer field interns helping with a PhD project investigating social learning patterns and culture of Nicobar long-tailed macaque. The work of the research volunteers and assistants will consist of collecting behavioural data, helping with archiving work in the research station, like labelling the artefacts plus a comprehensive description of the artefacts collected. Further, volunteers will be trained to use the software used for this project.

The study is conducted at the Nicobar Islands (Great Nicobar, Little Nicobar and Katchal). Most data collection will be carried out in the form of the focal animals throughout the islands. The work will require the candidate to be physically and mentally challenging: as the camp is going to be left before dawn, followed closely by a few to long hours of walk to the field site and full day observation by observing the focal animal through the study area until the evening around dusk.

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The research assistants and volunteers will be accommodated in a basic camp together with other researchers and local field assistants. There’s no hot water at the camp. It takes 15-minutes’ walk from the camp to get an internet signal, and very few places have proper cell phone network, and some islands have no signal at all. Most people work on a program where we do three or more days of fieldwork, 1 camp day and then 3 days of field work again. The field work will be conducted in the restricted islands of Nicobar; thus, and long-tailed macaques are endemic to the region. Students might conduct small own research projects within the framework of the doctoral thesis, given their main supervisors will provide the necessary guidance during their write-up phase.

This project is a collaboration with the International Primatological Society and The Leakey Foundation.


Applicants should:

  • Preferably have a Master Degree (Zoology or Anthropology) with attention in Biology (Research Assistants)
  • Preferably have a background or profound interest in Biology (Internship)
  • Have experience with field work
  • Be in excellent physical condition as the work in the forest is physically demanding: it includes long walks throughout the tropical forest, getting up early and long work days
  • Be ready to live under very basic conditions and closely together with a small team of the local and researcher field assistants on confined space
  • Be resistant to social and psychological stress
  • Be able to live remote and isolated, with limited contact to the outside world
  • Be experienced with living and travelling in foreign cultures
  • Have good observing skills such as patience, persistence and a high level of attention to detail
  • Be ready to work independently and flexibly develop creative solutions to emerging problems
  • Be willing to learn about the local language (Hindi/ Bengali/ Tamil/ Telegu) as the local staff speak very little English only
  • Be ready to travel independently in India and go through a lengthy permit process in Port Blair.
  • Be motivated, energetic and have the ability to maintain a positive attitude towards tiring and exhausting work
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All permits and accommodation costs in the Nicobar islands will soon be covered, and the research assistants and interns will be provided with their licensed software.

The internship position is non-payable.

The position of a research assistant is payable, and the wages will be 15,000 (INR/month). The Research Assistant will be hired for a period of 1-2/ 2-4/ 4-6 months (depends on the candidate ). Also, the research assistant will need to sign a contract that will be according to the time commitment the individual can provide.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):

Volunteers and research assistants will be responsible for paying their travel (home town to Port Blair and then to the islands), health insurance and for obtaining all necessary vaccinations. The health insurance of the research assistants will be covered by the PI. All involved people will need to sign a liability waiver. If additional funding can be secured throughout the year 2019 by the principal investigator, a monthly contribution to the volunteers will be awarded, after conclusion of a 2 months stay.

Additionally, experience certificate will be provided at the end of the internship/ work.

The living cost is going to be covered in the project.

The food cost will have to be borne by the individuals.

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The term of Appointment:

Start: August 2019, 1-month minimal (Internship), 1-2/ 2-4/ 4-6 months (Research assistants)

Application Deadline:

Deadline: August 10, 2019- till filled


Interested applicants may send their CV, a Brief letter of motivation (maximally 1 page) to the PI: Dr. Parth R. Chauhan, Email: [email protected]

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