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Britannia Production Officer Post – Food Tech Candidates Apply Online

If you are from a background with Food Technology as a qualification, then make sure you apply online for a Production Officer – Bread vacancy. Production Officer post for food technology candidates is available at Britannia. Interested candidates can apply according to the details that have been posted below:

Job Title: Production Officer – Bread

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Location: Ghāziābād, IN

Job Description:

Key Stakeholders

Inner: Stores, Engineering, Quality, Factory Cost control, Care, S&F

External: External Auditors

Educational Qualification: Engineer grad / Food Technologist/ MSc Food Science / MSc. Chemistry

Expertise: 3– 4 years in FMCG preferably Food/ Bakery industry

Desired Competencies:

Technical knowledge to attend machines, man management skills, understanding of food safety, working knowledge of Kaizen, TPM and TQM

Key Responsibilities:

Monitoring the general manufacturing activities on the shop floor

  • Reviewing the weekly Production Plan
  • Creating Daily production chart
  • Monitoring the abnormalities on the shop floor effectively
  • Maintaining Hygiene over the shop floor.

Periodic checking of operating parameters

  • Constant (Hourly) checking of parameters such as oven temperature, Gauge weight, wet weight, Baking Time, humidity etc..
  • Making appropriate adjustments in the event of deviation from the standard
  • Round the clock allocation
  • Managing leave schedule for the workmen and reporting the same to the Functional Incharge
  • Deciding on the ensure round the clock listing each week.
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Elimination of Consumption Variance

  • Monitor Output V/s Std Input
  • Eliminate Process wastage caused due to improper handling of material
  • Remove wastages because of material or product falling on the floor

Recording round the clock mixing details, the wastage, floor sweepage etc.. physically and in SAP.

  • Documentation of their daily activities in Ensure round-the-clock wise Production report and SAP entry
  • The timely entrance of the production details
  • Working with the exact same for variance analysis etc

Breakdown Maintenance

  • Coordinating with all the maintenance department case of breakdown
  • Making successful scheduling for Preventive maintenance, CBMS etc..
  • Constant feedback from packing end regarding Bread quality
  • Checking the CCPs at regular intervals during a guarantee round the clock
  • Checking CCPs based on ISO standards
  • Training Leading Hands from precisely the exact same

Tracking Quality Control Parameters

  • Tracking the mixing Control Parameters like flour quality, Dough Temperature, Mixing time, Recipe Variations etc
  • Change the flour/blend the flour in the event of flour quality variation/Talk to the engineering team in the event of Dough temp variation. Assessing of load cell in the event of recipe variations.
  • Continuous monitoring of those Manufacturing control parameters such as wet parameters, including flour dusting oven and quantity parameters such as baking time, regular requirements.
  • Consult with the engineering department in the event of variants in oven profile etc..
  • Hourly inspection of the control chart/Pareto charts
  • Analysing if the Standard parameters of this production are maintained
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Monitoring Energy Efficiency

  • Monitor energy efficiency by control of process parameters such as oven temperature control, proper utilization of fuel
  • Suggest & Implement automatic process controller devices to optimize efficient utilization of energy, completion of projects, Sustenance of projects
  • Miscellaneous work assigned by Management

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