Reliance Industries Jobs 2019

Reliance Industries Jobs 2019

Candidates with specialization in Biology can apply for this post online. Research Scientist jobs for biology candidates at Reliance. Research Job for biology candidates available at Reliance. Biology candidates grab the opportunity to work in R&D. Check out all of the details on the same below:

Job Title: Research Scientist -Bioinfo Structural Biology [57735042]

Location: Navi Mumbai

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Job Accountabilities:

  • To create scientific/technical data, utilizing established systems, protocols and procedures
  • Develop new systems, tools and methods of genomics and transcriptomics
  • Might have responsibility for providing different people with instructions and guidance to complete tasks that have been assigned
  • Performs component of a key activity using fairly regular activities within a specified work program varying the approach taken as the precise nature of the work output varies
  • Working individually execute work to required criteria to a plan agreed with the supervisor and utilizing known and innovative processes
  • Apply knowledge and expertise to recognise problems and work with a supervisor in finding solutions; advise supervisor of any backlogs and on likely timescales
  • utilizing fundamental, established, local techniques and techniques, find information for advising or discussing with the supervisor
  • Compliance with HSE needs and suggest improvements in a particular work area
  • Provide advice/guidance on practical or technical problems to less experienced staff
  • Report to the manager on progress and conclusion of an activity within an agreed (possibly daily) basis
  • Settle simple /minor difficulties or complaints within agreed limits
  • Review the priorities of outstanding tasks for self and others and amend as required.
  • Exchange information with external and internal contacts and have the ability to judge when to pass to other people

Skills Required (Knowledge and Skills)


  • The candidate needs to have a fantastic comprehension and hands-on expertise omics data integration, mathematical modelling, network construction and Big-data.
  • Hands on experiences on varied and large scale data analysis with focus on phenotype and genotype correlation
  • Experiences in creating pipeline for identifying mutations for phenotype advancement via genome-scale metabolic reconstruction.
  • Should have a fantastic understanding of kinetic modeling of metabolic pathways.


  • Developing a pipeline of genomics and metabolomics data analysis.
  • Coding proficiency utilizing R, Python, PERL; and Linux operating system.
  • Demonstrated expertise with bioinformatics pipeline development and also for large scale DNA/ RNA sequence analysis, genome annotation, structural docking.
  • Mastery of molecular technological abilities ought to be evident through publications in peer reviewed journals/patents.
  • Should have the mind-set to function in multidisciplinary team, attitude to collaborative mind-set is highly desired
  • Data documentation and record keeping
  • Should be a fantastic communicator.

Key Characteristics (Expertise and Qualifications)

  • M. Tech. Or PhD in Bioinformatics/ Biochemistry/ Omics/ Computer science or related discipline, together with at least 1 – 2 years of post-doctoral expertise, capable of executing projects independently.
  • Must have demonstrated technical expertise in computational pipeline development in eukaryotic and/or prokaryotic organisms.

Education Requirement :

PhD at Biology/Chemistry/Chemical Engineering with speciality in the relevant research area

Expertise Requirement:

Minimum 2-3 years of research expertise

Skills & Competencies:

  • Conduct a literature survey in the subject of research and gather data for dissemination & critical analysis.
  • Develop work method and prepare SOPs for experiments in research including planning & designing of experiments.
  • Prepare/Use simulation models.
  • Study technology provides / process engineering documents
  • Perform process engineering design activities like using applicable tools
  • Familiarized with applicable guidelines /codes/standards/legislation Related to the area of research

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