Novozymes R&D Careers 2019
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Novozymes R&D Careers 2019

MSc / MTech & PhD candidates with a background in Biochem/ Biological Sciences and Food Science & Technology are encouraged to apply online at Novozymes. Novozymes hiring msc/ phd and mtech biosciences candidates for Associate Industry Technology Specialist F&N jobs. Check out all of the details on the same below:

Job Title: Associate Industry Technology Specialist F&N

Ref: 5893BR

City: Bangalore

Country: India

Job Area: Research and Development

Associate Industry Technology Specialist, Food & Nutrition, Bangalore, INDIA

We’re looking for an innovative and highly skilled Associate Industry Technology Specialist- Food & Nutrition for Novozymes India Technical Services function, to support the applications of next-generation enzymes for various industrial applications in the Food & Nutrition domain name. This position is based in Novozymes’ state of the art lab in Bangalore, together with strong cross-functional collaboration linkages to additional Novozymes international websites. The candidate must have a strong technical background in Food & Nutrition, problem-solving abilities, sound and exceptional collaborative Skills.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Prepares for and carries out experimental work per experimental plans to satisfy specific project goals.
  • Conducts lab trials, interprets results and prepares Laboratory reports over the context of the specific experiment, also in the form of organized information and information as discussed with responsible Technology Manager.
  • Receives and record samples from customers and execute necessary analysis in agreement with responsible Technology Manager.
  • Maintains lab equipment in good working order through calibration, preventative maintenance, upgrades, and necessary repairs.
  • Participates in defining project objectives and independently delivering experiment-based conclusions towards these.
  • Leads own project of limited scope or provide a key contribution to ITS project(s) of larger scope. Shows initiative in bringing new knowledge to the project by interacting with scientific colleagues and keeping abreast of pertinent literature in the field of interest.
  • Demonstrates comprehension of the specialized lab and scientific techniques.
  • Contributes publishable and/or patentable concepts.
  • Represents Novozymes at Customers, external entities, Seminars and conferences on technical and/or project topics, as required.
  • Outstanding presentation skills and interpersonal skills.
    Eager to travel in the South Asia and South East Asia region for up to 30 percent of their time.
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Qualifications & Experience:

  • M.Sc. Or M. Tech in Food Science and Technology, Chemistry/Biochemistry with 6-8 years of hands-on experience in the Food Industry or a PhD in Biological Sciences with 3-4 years of relevant experience in the Food Industry.
  • Ability to prioritize projects efficiently and meet timelines efficiently together with the utmost attention to detail, setting high-performance standards.
  • Operates independently based on overall direction set by the Industry Technology Manager.
  • A Fantastic listener, who owns high energy for problem-solving through collaborations

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