Cell Biology Scientist Jobs
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Cell Biology Scientist Jobs

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Job Title: Scientist III, Cell Biology

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Job ID: 82844BR

Location: Bangalore, India

About Team:

The Protein Biology team is involved in large-scale function validation of antibodies, with a deep focus on reagent quality and specificity. The core tasks of the team include data mining and processing of protein biology; Western blots with state-of-art tools, higher throughput and high-resolution Immuno-fluorescence imaging, and access to tools like ChIP (Chromatin Immunoprecipitation), Gene-silencing to provide advance application tags to our antibody portfolio. The intention of the program is advanced product validation, the creation of product information to market research usage.

Role & Responsibilities:

Purpose: – Part of this high-throughput antibody validation program, and lead in the design and development of antibody validation strategy on specificity, To validate antibody for both reproducibility and provide and target biology validation, utilizing state-of-art using molecular and cell biology methods for generating data sets to enable high-quality products. To role necessitates a candidate to be strict in scientific experimental preparation and implementation. Fluency in written and verbal communication of results in the work-place is highly desirable.

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  • Thorough comprehension and provide an understanding of protein biology. Key aspects which have experimental plan preparation for in vivo protein detection in the experimental model. The candidate will be proficient in reading and interpreting research data from scientific publications and information repositories.
  • Capability to perform protein analysis using state-of-art methods which include molecular and cell biology methods, including Western blots, ChIP, Immunoprecipitation along with other tools in proteomic workflows.
  • Proficient in tissue and cell imaging of mammalian systems. Understanding tissue and cell preparation for tissue imaging by immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, tissue processing or other biological imaging procedures.
  • Familiarized with compilation and presentation of research data in presentation and written formats. Applies presently processed to document results into data sheets and/or electronic notebooks is a job requirement. Familiarity using spreadsheets, retrieval of data from web/data repositories and utilize word and image processing software highly desirable.
  • Delivery of design robust experimental work-plans, generate high-quality results, focus on details and schedules to support program aims

Candidate Requirement:

Education & Experience levels:

Applicants must have PhD with three years+ work experience in the areas of cell biology, molecular biology, immunology, biotechnology/biochemistry

Nature of experience:

  • Relevant research publications, project reports or thesis work in support of their work
  • Project work or research project work with evidence of skills like abstracts, patents or data disclosures on research.
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  • Familiarized with experimental workflow in molecular and cell biology, together with expertise in development and design of assays such as in vivo of protein expression, protein-protein interaction (using co-immunoprecipitation) or development of immunoassays.
  • Deep comprehension of biochemical, molecular & cellular biologic methods for protein characterization which have cell treatment, tissue/cell lysate preparation, sub-cellular fractionation, immunoprecipitation and microscopy for detection of protein expression and localization.
  • Sound theoretical comprehension of protein structure, function and biology. Proven ability to analyze biological pathway and expertise to interpret cell biology results.
  • Communication of research data and provide expert level technical troubleshooting to resolve scientific problems

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