Scientist Jobs at Syngene
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Scientist Jobs at Syngene

Syngene is hiring msc/bsc and btech/mtech biology/biotech & life sciences candidates for Associate Scientist position which can be applied for online. Associate Scientist jobs for msc/bsc/mtech and btech biosciences candidates. Check the details on the positions available, the job description, the key responsibilities, work experience, functional experience all below:

Name of Job: Associate Scientist

Job ID: 4170


Looking for a candidate with experience in mammalian cell culture. The candidate will be part of the Cell Engineering team focusing on creating stable cell lines to be utilised as tools or for production purposes. He or she’ll be in a fast-paced work environment that provides a fantastic chance to learn and develop.


  • Generation of stable cell lines to be used as tools or for production purposes
  • Characterization of cell lines using methods such as flow cytometry, western blotting etc..
  • Experiment design and planning, conducting experiments, analyzing and communicating results
  • Documentation of data and inventory maintenance


  • B.Sc. /B-Tech or M.SC/M-Tech/Masters in Biology, Biotechnology or any life science field


  • 2+ years relevant work experience if the candidate has a post graduate education
  • 5+ years related work experience if the candidate Doesn’t Have post-graduate education


  • Expertise with stable cell line generation Is Essential
  • Expertise with the generation of lentivirus and/or retrovirus Is Essential
  • Expertise with genome editing (CRISPR-CAS9 or others) is a plus
  • Expertise with the generation of reporter cell lines is a plus
  • Expertise with fundamental molecular biology techniques and flow cytometry
  • Experience with cell banks preparation and inventory maintenance
  • Excellent attention to detail, diligent documentation and effective communication skills
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