Biosciences Upstream Manufacturing Vacancy
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Biosciences Upstream Manufacturing Vacancy @ Syngene

Syngene is hiring msc biosciences candidates for Upstream Manufacturing position which can be applied for online. Upstream Manufacturing jobs for biosciences candidates. Check the details on the positions available, the job description, the key responsibilities, work experience, functional experience all below:

Job Title: Upstream Manufacturing

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Job Number: (4022)

Role Purpose: Manufacturing Operations Objective of the role is to be part of Upstream manufacturing team at Syngene s new manufacturing facility for recombinant Microbial products.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Execute all upstream manufacturing activities in upstream areas.
  2. Involve in filing the procedure upstream deviations /investigations and closure.
  3. Upstream process execution: Batch process operation /unit operation (such as CIP, SIP and prep upstream accessories), close monitoring of batch performance and data.
  4. Practice and follow online documentation all the time.
  5. Follow cGMP practices throughout the manufacturing activity and operations associated activities with QA, QC and EAM.
  6. Attend the training session of EHS, cGMP and HRD.
  7. Perform online documentation, cGMP compliance in all the manufacturing activity, and timely closure of executed documents and batch records.
  8. Make sure the Quality system is followed in the day today upstream operations. Identify the gaps in the system to improve.

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