Biotech Syngene Jobs 2019
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Syngene Biosciences Executive Job Vacancy Available

Syngene is hiring msc biosciences candidates for an Executive position which can be applied for online. Check the details on the positions available, the job description, the key responsibilities, work experience, functional experience all below:

Job Title: Executive

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Job Number: 3911

Job Description:

To track PR from the end users and release the PO within a day

  • Search the vendors globally using search engines
  • Good negotiation with a vendor for better pricing, Quality, deliveries and incoterms etc.,
  • Intensive follow-up with vendors for timely deliveries
  • Improve delivery turnaround time from the current level
  • Following Safety requirements
  • Troubleshooting with end users
  • Follow-up with finance for payments to the vendors
  • Bringing Good Practices and Striving for continual improvements

Apply Online

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  1. very Nice job Postings APP related to Lifesciences. Liked this APP.. but most of the jobs posted here is out of state or out of country which is not accessible to me… i wanted to get jobs information in Karnataka and in and around Bangalore only. it may very much helpfull for me.

    wounderful APP

    Thank you Biotechnoka

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