PepsiCo India BTech & MSc Food Tech Research Opportunity
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PepsiCo India BTech & MSc Food Tech Research Opportunity

If you are looking for R&D Assistant Manager Manufacturing jobs, then PepsiCo India requires Food Technology relevant experience to apply online for Assistant Manager Manufacturing position that is available at PepsiCo. For more details on the experience required, job description, key responsibilities and such, check Biotecnika.

Req ID: 162260BR

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Designation: Assistant Manager Manufacturing

Location: Mumbai, India

Job Description:

  • Deployment of workmen on various workstations according to plan
  • Ensuring compliance to shift production targets according to FLI quality and hygiene standards (AVC, NE, Small compliance etc.)
  • Ensuring minimal wastage, optimal manpower utilization, and optimal usage of consumables & operating at maximum efficiencies (Efficiencies, DL, and Productivity etc.)
  • Ensuring timely and accurate record keeping and data entry (shift log books, CCP records, Why-Why analysis & safety & statutory records)
  • Ensuring line discipline during production — OT, Absenteeism, self-relieving etc..
  • Enabling the implementation of quality, hygiene, safety & TPM culture that boosts company growth
  • Batch closing and stock verification in Day store. (KCs)
  • Data analysis & troubleshooting
  • Machine up-keeping
  • Ensuring support to manufacturing manager in fulfilling the production targets with optimal efficiencies
  • Coordinating with the manager in deciding the best combination of machines, operating lines and SKU combinations for the shift based on the capacities and dispatch priorities –
  • Informing the packing leader of their plan
    ensuring minimal waste + rejects and maximum capacity utilization in the shift
    ensuring smooth and effective running of lines and minimal downtime
  • Ensuring SOPs are followed by operators
  • Co-operating with dispatch to provide the right combination of products, in time for dispatch according to plan
  • Ensuring all quality related parameters are met during production
    ensuring timely information to Agro in case of potato-related quality problems and Quality Dept. in the event of any other quality related problems
  • Physically issuing and returning goods from stores on a daily/ shift wise basis according to the production plan
  • Ensuring shop-floor hygiene, food safety, product quality, packaging quality, TPM circles,
  • Safety at the top during operation all the times.
  • Preparing the weekly/monthly manpower plan for the permanent workers depending on the production plan — preparing the shift roster and displaying it on the notice board
  • Preparing the manpower plan for contract workers on a daily basis
  • Redeploying people according to competencies or gaps identified at a particular workstation in order to build the capacity of people and lineup
  • Ensuring timely, accurate updating and maintenance of information related to department performance
  • Ensuring disruption-free operation by addressing shop-floor dispute of workers and do not let such arguments to crop up as IR issues/unionized issues.
  • Shop-floor communications on various targets, opportunities area, market feedback, month’s targets, scorecards etc..
  • Contributing towards small continuous improvements in the plant through SGAs
  • Ensure adherence to core PepsiCo processes such as KPI setting, Mid-Year Review & PDR.
  • Implementation of change initiatives and supporting continuous improvement in the department
  • Motivating and coaching staff members towards creating a high performing and skilled production team
  • Maintaining discipline at shop floor and handle grievances at their level before they become a common cause
  • Working with HR on imparting training to multi-skill the operatives and periodic changed contractual manpower on basics requirements of the shop-floor
  • Supporting the production manager in ensuring training plan compliance of employees
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  • Education: B.E, B. Tech/M. Sc. ( Food Technology)
  • Functional Expertise: Approx 5-7 years of expertise
  • Language: English, vernacular language, Hindi


  • Experience in an FMCG industry ( preferably food industry)
  • Experience in leading a large team comprising operators and contract workers
  • Exposure to other companies’ manufacturing systems and shop floor culture
  • Commercial/ financial dexterity

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