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Molecular Biology Scientist Position Vacant @ Thermo Fisher

MSc & PhD molecular biology, biosciences & life sciences candidates are encouraged to apply online for a Molecular Biology Scientist position that is vacant at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Molecular biology, bio & life sciences jobs at Thermo Fisher as per the details posted below:

Job Title: Scientist, Molecular Biology

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Job ID: 76463BR

Location: Bangalore, India



  • Performing cell culture actions and lab techniques such as aseptic expansion of mammalian cell lines, managing primary cells and cells that are immortal.
  • Regular transfections, higher throughput transfections and mycoplasma testing
  • Initiate, plan and execute scientific research with emphasis on protein or DNA delivery methods (transformation, electroporation, transfection or transduction).
  • High-throughput molecular cloning utilizing recombinant DNA technology
  • Molecular cloning (comprise ligation independent methods), plasmid vector construction, DNA/RNA modification enzyme usage, mutagenesis, selection systems), genome editing.
  • Independently complete experiments employing the following methodologies – PCR Purification, Restriction, Ligation, Transformation, Miniprep, Colony PCR, Sequencing
  • Maintaining comprehensive record of cell culture parameters and results into data sheets and/or electronic note books.
  • Accountable for data integrity and precision.
  • Other functions like writing technical protocols and filling out order forms.
  • Deliver high quality outcomes based on project schedule in support of product commercialization during early feasibility, development and analysis phases.
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  • Ought to have a very clear comprehension of recombinant DNA technology
    ought to have a very clear comprehension of distinct molecular cloning and gene engineering methods
  • Knows therory, has complete command of gene engineering methods (cloning methods (include ligation independent), plasmid vector construction, DNA/RNA modification enzyme usage, mutagenesis, selection systems), genome editing.
  • Strong comprehension and hands-on expertise of cell-culture and DNA delivery techniques
  • ought to have a very clear knowledge and laboratory skills in the region of immunoassays such as western blot, ELISA, and immunofluorescence
    GLP expertise, automation and documentation
  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals are a bonus. Fantastic comprehension of research projects employing conventional practices and protocols.
  • Ought to be a good team player, prepared to learn new procedures and advanced thinker.
  • Industry expertise, bioinformatics and grant writing abilities will be regarded as a bonus.
  • Outstanding organizational skills with attention to detail.

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