MSc & MTech Junior Research Fellow Post @ NIT Rourkela
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MSc Microbiology & Biochem Associate Post Vacant @ Kemin

Job Opening for an Associate Post at Kemin. Job seekers with Masters in Microbiology and Biochemistry can apply for this post. Biochemistry and Microbiology msc jobs at Kemin. Associate post for msc candidates at Kemin. More details on the location, category, job type, responsibilities, qualifications and application procedure are given below:

Designation: CLS Associate 1

Vacancies: 01

Job ID: 2018-5321

Location: IN-Chennai

Category: Customer Service/Support

Position Type: Regular Full-Time


Provide laboratory service to our clients with a goal to keep the consumers over 90 percent, to create new company 25 percent of their overall sales and also to demonstrate the excellence of our goods over competitive brands.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Willing to run laboratory analysis of feed for top 20 clients and total minimum of 90 percent of yearly projects without mistakes without a more than 50% oversight.
  • Make sure to provide the reports on time to clients (minimum of 98 percent report within 5 days.
  • Must play an active role for a team member at the project staff in brand new merchandise Sophisticated Process ( PIP)
  • keep the laboratory account for test and chemical fees in a proper ledger.
  • Maintain and run the laboratory equipment efficiently and manage the trouble shoot, fundamental repair of the laboratory equipments independently.
  • Responsible to run method validation of the laboratory equipment at fixed intervals.
  • Make sure to send monthly and weekly reports to the supervisor — CLS
  • Responsible to Keep etiquette of this laboratory
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Qualifications: Master of science (chemistry, biochemistry or microbiology) with 1 — two years of expertise

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