MSc Biosciences JRF/SRF Position Vacant @ AAU
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Project Fellow Post for MSc Candidates Vacant @ Alagappa University

M.Sc. in Genetics/ Biotechnology/ Zoology/ Biochemistry/ Life Sciences Candidates apply for a Project Fellow position at Alagappa University. Alagappa University recruiting for the position of Project Fellow. MSc biosciences candidates are encouraged to apply for a Project Fellow post at Alagappa University. For more details, check all the details posted below:

This job expires in :

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Designation : Project Fellow – ONE

Project Name : “Development of surface-charged impregnated plasmonic gold
nanoprobes for enhanced photodynamic therapy and mitochondrial dysfunction in
human breast cancer cell line(s)”

Principal Investigator : Dr. P. Kumar

Duration: 3 years

Fellowship sum: Rs. 14,000 a month for first two years & Rs. 16,000 a month for The rest of the tenure.

Essential Qualification: First class M.Sc., in Biotechnology/ Biochemistry / Zoology/ Genetics or Any related division of Life Sciences with core hands-on knowledge in managing cancer cell Cultures and molecular biology based experiments. The expertise given needs to be Backed by dissertation or publication or certification from the manager.

How to Apply:

Ph.D Registration: The chosen candidates would also be considered for Ph.D., enrollment In Alagappa University under the supervision of Principal Investigator according to the University norms.

Interested applicants should send two copies of curriculum vitae Together with a Letter saying their particular interest, motivation and eligibility for your job (maximum 2 pages). Along with this, self-attested duplicates of combined mark statements, mention Letter from study manager, expertise certificates and other relevant documents should Additionally hit the following address on or before 18th June, 2018.

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Dr. P. Kumar
Principal Investigator – DST-SERB-Project
Molecular Cancer Biology Lab
Department of Animal Health and Management
Alagappa University
Karaikudi – 630 003.

Application Deadline – on or before 18th June, 2018. 

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